A corps member interview from the July 22, DCI San Antonio Southwestern Championship. Name: Mary Porras
Age: 20
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Drum corps experience: Blue Knights 2004 (baritone), 2005 (euphonium), 2006 (baritone).
What is your favorite drum corps story? Last year I was playing euphonium, and at the beginning of all-days, we had to hold the horn up for 15 minutes. I was trying so hard to do it, and I managed to do it! That was a great moment for me because it really helped me through the summer. What is your favorite moment in your show? At the end of the cadenza when all of our horns come up, and we start playing again ... the crowd is cheering and the adrenaline is up. It's just crazy. What made you choose the Blue Knights? I had a friend from high school that marched in Blue Knights. When he came back he showed me the 2003 DVD, and I loved the show. I said, "I have to do that!" I went to the first rehearsal camp and hated it. The only reason I did that season was that my dad bought me a new sleeping bag, and I said to myself, "This sleeping bag is really expensive and I have to use it!" And now I love it. My twin brother plays mellophone and that makes it that much more special. Blue Knights is already a family, but that makes it even closer. What do you miss most from home? Family! I don't really get to see them much. When I get to see them, when they come to shows, it's really awesome. What were you most looking forward to before tour? Has it lived up to your expectations? The music. I love the music this year – playing it, marching it, it's awesome. Anything else you want to say? One thing I really, really want to point out is that I really love marching with Blue Knights because of the marching style. It's so fluid, and I really wish more people would pay attention to that because it's so unique.