Bluecoats The Bluecoats are already taking orders for pre-owned Yamaha equipment, including electronics and brass and percussion instruments. They will be available for delivery toward the end of August, 2011.
The Cadets The Cadets are seeking a video production assistant to tour with the corps this coming summer from June through August.
Forte Isaac Lee will serve as drum major during Forte's 2011 season. "I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead for Forte," he said. "Based on my experience at the January camp, it is obvious to me that the corps members are excited as well and prepared for an awesome summer, and the staff will undoubtedly be second to none this year."
Madison Scouts A Madison Scouts alumni group recently collected funds to purchase several new trumpets for the current corps in the memory of Chuck Eikel, a Scouts bugler from the 1950s.
Pacific Crest Pacific Crest will host an informational meeting for parents and volunteers on Sunday, Feb. 13 in Diamond Bar, Calif. The meeting will take place as part of the corps' weekend rehearsal camp.
Phantom Regiment Wondering when and where Phantom Regiment's next rehearsal or event is taking place? You can subscribe to the corps' Google calendar on to stay informed and up to date.
Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara Vanguard's 44th birthday celebration is coming up Sunday, March 6. The annual event features performances by the Vanguard and Vanguard Cadets, as well as a spaghetti dinner. Tables for eight can now be reserved on the corps' website.
Troopers The Troopers have revealed musical selections for their 2011 production, "The Road Home." It will feature pieces by John Adams and Aaron Copland among others.