Rehearsal Camps This Weekend
April 2–4, 2010
Rehearsal Camps Next Weekend
April 9–11, 2010
Cascades7th Regiment
Spirit of Newark/New JerseyBlue Devils B
 City Sound*
 Colt Cadets
 Oregon Crusaders
 Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets
 Velvet Knights
*Denotes corps engaged in evaluation process for participation in the 2010 DCI Tour.
The Academy Academy alums have launched a new initiative that will collect memories from past members for a variety of purposes including a documentary of the first 10 years of the organization.
The Cadets The Cadets are ready to reveal details about their 2010 production, "Toy Souldier," and will do so at an event on April 6 in Garfield, N.J. "All are invited. Fans, friends, alumni, and curious onlookers," said director George Hopkins. "Come one, come all!"
Glassmen A group of 2010 Glassmen members performed selections from the corps' 2010 production, "The Prayer Cycle," at the annual Owens Community College Gala on March 26 in Toledo. "This was a very special night for the corps, and a huge (and positive) step in our growing relationship with Owens Community College," said director Brian Hickman.
Jersey Surf Jersey Surf's 2010 leadership team will include drum majors Alison Baier and Shaquille Millington, and color guard captain Stephanie Broadbelt. The three veteran corps members share nearly 15 years of experience with the Jersey Surf.
Madison Scouts Don't miss the Madison Scouts' latest video recap showcasing highlights from the group's March rehearsal camp in Bloomington, Ind.
Pacific Crest The most recent "Alumni Spotlight" on the Pacific Crest Web site features Howard Hsu, a baritone player with the corps in late 1990s. Father of two, Hsu currently serves as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.