Blue Knights

It's still only April, but the Blue Knights are already prepping to be on the road. Volunteers will gather at Blue Knights headquarters this Saturday to organize the mobile food truck in preparation for the group's April rehearsal camp as well as the summer tour.



The Bluecoats have released a list of repertoire for the corps' 2009 program "IMAGINE," which will include pieces by John Lennon, Charles Mingus, Gordon Goodwin and Maria Schneider.

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Boston Crusaders

Boston Crusaders alum Andrew Gerke, 24, passed away early Tuesday morning after sustaining traumatic injuries in a car accident Monday evening. A 2005 member of the Boston Crusaders, Gerke also spent time as a staff member with the Open Class 7th Regiment of New London, Conn.



Longtime Glassmen board member Arlene Schubargo passed away on April 9 after a battle with cancer. Schubargo was involved as a fan and supporter of the corps for more than 25 years.


Music City

Members of Drum Corps International's newest Open Class corps Music City of Nashville, Tenn., have been hard at work preparing for their very first summer tour. At an April rehearsal camp, in addition to rehearsing technique and music, the corps also spent time fitting new uniforms.


Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment received a generous $10,000 donation from the Rockford Kiwanis Club which the corps will use to jump start a campaign to replace the organization's mobile food kitchen which is more than 30 years old.

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Focusing on the financial health of the organization, the Spartans announced that they will not field a corps during the 2009 Drum Corps International season. "Community leaders and alumni have begun to come to our support, offering their knowledge and time to help us rebuild," said recently appointed executive director Paul LaFlamme, Jr. "We have reinforced our administration by bringing in financial and business experts to assist us in managing our way back to the competitive field. With this support, we plan to come back stronger than we ever were before and to once again offer the quality music education and performance experience that Spartans is famous for to the youth of the area."