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Corps news and announcements

Corps news and announcements

by Drum Corps International

Blue Knights

After a one-year hiatus, the Blue Knights' winter color guard Opus 10 is making a return to Winter Guard International's Independent Open Class.

Read more at BKnights.org.


The Bluecoats will be holding a special screening of "Throw It Down," a film three years in the making that chronicles the corps' 2006 summer tour. The event, taking place on Nov. 30 in Canton, Ohio, will include a question and answer session with the producer and director of the film. Space is limited and reservations are requested.

Learn more at Bluecoats.com.

The Cadets

The Cadets revealed information about the corps' 2009 75th anniversary production, "Lenny." "The Cadets are thrilled to bring the music of Leonard Bernstein to the field for the summer of 2009," said director George Hopkins. "We are so proud of the past versions of the Cadets and Bernstein is part of our fabric."

Read more at YEA.org.


The Cascades welcome back staff members Rob Lewis and Chris Grant to serve as percussion co-caption heads. Pending the outcome of an official review of organizational operations by the Drum Corps International participation review committee, the Cascades look to return to the 2009 DCI Summer Tour after not fielding a corps last season.

Read more and view a list of all percussion staff members at SeattleCascades.org.


Leading the 2009 Colts will be a familiar list of caption heads and staff members. All are experienced members of the corps' team from last season.

View the complete list and more information at Colts.org.


The Mandarins have assembled members of their 2009 design team who will help mold the corps' 2009 competitive program. "The design staff includes a blend of designers who have been successful with us in the past, and are steeped in the Mandarins traditions, as well as several new additions who will help take us to the next level in the design process," said newly appointed program coordinator Greg Mar.

Read more at Mandarins.org.

Memphis Sound

Memphis Sound revealed details about the corps' 2009 program titled "Celebrations…Rebirth of a Planet." According to an organization press release, program designers will incorporate musical selections that "help celebrate the positive things that are occurring on Planet Earth each day." Those selections will be arranged from works by Patrick Williams, Paul Halley, Karl Jenkins and Jan De Haan.

Read more at MemphisDrumCorps.org.


Mystikal announced a "first wave" of educational and administrative staff additions for the 2009 season. The newly appointed designers will be working over the coming months to bring the corps' '09 production, "Relentless : The Music of Andrew Boysen Jr." to life.

Read more about these staff members and "Relentless" at Mystikal-Corps.org.

Oregon Crusaders

Newly appointed Oregon Crusaders color guard caption head Ryan Valencia will be one of several leaders working with staff members to develop the corps' 2009 competitive production titled, "Equilibrium."

Read more at OregonCrusaders.org.

Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest announced its 2009 production titled, "El Corazon de la Gente: Alegria, Amor, y Fuerte." The program will feature music by 20th century Latin American composers Julian Orban, Carlos Chavez and Alberto Ginastera.

Read more at Pacific-Crest.org.


Pioneer program coordinator Joe Kuerzi revealed plans for the corps' 2009 production titled "Celtic Trinity." Musical arrangements will include works from composers Brian Balmages and Steven Reinecke.

Read more at Pioneer-Corps.org.


Spirit executive director Joel Vincent announced that his designers will incorporate the music of progressive-rock group Kansas in the corps' 2009 production. "Sometimes in trying to capture the past, we have to realize we are operating in the present and not try to repeat what cannot be repeated. Instead, we need to concentrate on the ingredients that shaped our past and use those tools to help determine our future," Vincent said about the program.

Read more at SpiritDrumCorps.org.