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Corps news and announcements

by Drum Corps International


The Bluecoats posted their first "Live Update" video podcast of the year on the Fan Network. Staff designers talk about the corps' '09 production "Imagine," in this edition taped at the corps' January rehearsal camp in Canton, Ohio.

Check it out on the Bluecoats Fan Network.

Boston Crusaders

Capturing the action as it was happening, Boston Crusaders percussion caption head and designer Omar Carmenates "Twittered" from the corps' recent rehearsal camp in Florida.

Read the updates at Crusaders.com.

The Cadets

The Youth Education in the Arts board of directors, the governing body of the Cadets, has undergone a change in officers. James Doyle has recently been appointed as president of the eight-member group, while others have taken on new roles and responsibilities.

Read more at YEA.org.

Carolina Crown

Carolina Crown launched a new Web featured called "Meet the Crown" which will introduce current members of the drum corps to the Crown fandom. First up in the multi-part series is Nick Carpenter, a four-year member of the corps' percussion section.

Read more at CarolinaCrown.org.


Following a unanimous vote of the Drum Corps International World Class member corps on Saturday, Jan. 24, the Cascades were approved to compete as a World Class corps on the 2009 Drum Corps International Tour.

Read more on DCI.org.

The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers board of directors has been reorganized, necessitated by the retirement of corps founder Don Warren as president of the board. Longtime executive vice president and DCI Hall of Fame member Adolph de Grauwe will assume the presidential duties while Warren continues on as chairman of the board.

Read more at Cavaliers.org.


Impulse has launched a brand new Web site that features a variety of media, blogs, forums, and other news and information about the corps.

Check it out at ImpulseWeb.org.


The Mandarins recently completed their January rehearsal camp held at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, Calif. With sunny skies and temperatures near 70 degrees, corps members were able to rehearse outdoors while completing several musical, visual, and physical training sessions.

Read more on Mandarins.org.


Even after the Sunday portion of the Spartans' weekend rehearsal camp had to be canceled due to snow storms, corps members were still able learn the first part of music to the corps' 2009 production "The Raging River." Also during the weekend, Spartans administration and staff members announced the selection of Scott Kelly as the corps' drum major.

Read more at SpartansDBC.org.

Teal Sound

Teal Sound has launched a brand new online "Teal Gear Store" where fans can order souvenirs and promotional items. The group also has made a commitment to grow its fan base with its new "Turquoise Noise Fan Club." "The addition of these two very important programs show the dedication and determination of the Teal Sound organization to move forward with the expansion and development of our program," said director Randy Blackburn.

Check it out at TealGear.com.


Director Fred Morris announced the appointment of Jamie Purcell as the Troopers' new development director. Experienced in fundraising and grant writing, Purcell said, "I am very excited to have this opportunity to further enhance the involvement of the community with the Troopers."

Read more at TroopersDrumCorps.org.

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