The Academy The Academy has immediate openings for baritone, tuba and trumpet players.
Blue Devils Blue Devils posted a gallery of photos from the corps' recent February rehearsal camp in California.
Blue Stars Blue Stars are now accepting nominations for the corps' 2014 class of Hall of Fame members. Up to three individuals will receive the honor this year. Nominations are due by March 21.
Bluecoats Bluecoats are selling pre-owned Yamaha brass, percussion and electronic equipment that will be available for delivery in August.
Boston Crusaders Lamar Branson will return to serve as Boston Crusaders color guard caption head and designer. "We approached 2013 in a new and fresh way for Boston, and last year's successes really speak to the dedication of the staff, performers and the community," Branson said.
The Cadets The Cadets will soon kickoff a new web feature called "Ask Me Monday," where you can pose questions to Cadets director George Hopkins and other staff members. "Through 'Ask Me Monday,' I hope to open up the dialogue for us to share our point of view as an organization and what makes us tick," Hopkins said.
Carolina Crown Brad Martin will join Carolina Crown's staff as director of development. "To have someone with Brad's passion and experience here to lead the way in raising additional funding and alumni relations is an exciting opportunity for the organization," Executive Director Jim Coates said.
Cavaliers The Cavaliers are currently recruiting volunteers to assist during the corps' 2014 season. A variety of volunteer positions are available from transportation and uniforms to licensed medical personnel.
Crossmen The Crossmen are currently seeking lead trumpet players to join the corps for its 2014 summer season.
Mandarins Mandarins posted the February edition of their video letter update. The video includes a rundown of the latest news and happenings with the corps.
Music City Music City gives fans a taste of the corps' 2014 production in a new video with highlights from the corps' February rehearsal camp.
Pacific Crest Pacific Crest announced a new partnership with color guard equipment manufacturer Designs by King. "The quality of the product, combined with the company's strong local presence and support of music educators, makes this partnership a perfect match for Pacific Crest," Executive Director Stuart Pompel said.
Pioneer The February edition of the "Shamrock," Pioneer's official newsletter, is now available for download.
Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara Vanguard is currently selling Yamaha brass instruments that the corps used during the summer of 2013. The majority of the instruments have been used less than 14 months.
Spirit of Atlanta Spirit of Atlanta posted a gallery of photos from the corps' February rehearsal camp.