In This Edition …

• Corps still looking for 2018 members
• Latest show reveals and repertoires
• Updates from the start of spring training
• Plus much more!

7th Regiment

One of 7th Regiment's cymbal players, Spencer Rankin, was one of three recipients of Seavine’s DCI Cymbal Scholarship award.

The Academy

Arizona’s drum corps is looking for fans to submit inspirational “Words of Wisdom” for members of their corps to find in their brand new Fruhauf uniforms.

Blue Devils 

Blue Devils’ sneak peek event for 2018 will be held on Saturday, June 2, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dave Brubeck Park in Concord, California.

Blue Devils C

Blue Devils C performed at the Bay Area KidFest on May 28 as part of a Memorial Day Ceremony.

Blue Knights

The Denver-based corps held its annual Memorial Day Picnic last weekend and recapped the event in this video.

Blue Stars

The Blue Stars are in search of a housing site for June 19, at which point they’ll be heading to the DCI Tour Premiere in Detroit.


For a limited time, an early-bird discount is available for Bluecoats’ upcoming “The Blue Way” eductional clinic, which will be held June 9-10 at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Boston Crusaders

Graphics, music selections and T-shirts for the Crusaders’ recently-announced 2018 production, “S.O.S.,” are available on the corps’ website.

The Cadets

The Allentown corps welcomed a special fan to spring training, as Beau, corps director Scott Litzenberg's dog, joined in on rehearsals at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Carolina Crown

Registration is still open for Crown’s upcoming educational camps for percussion and color guard.

The Cavaliers

As preparations continue for the Green Machine’s 2018 production, “On Madness and Creativity,” the corps released an intriguing video feature from spring training.


Crossmen’s media team released a unique blog, called “Crossmen Collective,” where the corps will be covered in detail by way of various digital media projects.


Aaron Kim, a member of Gold’s cymbal line, was also awarded one of the Seavine Cymbal Scholarship awards.


The Guardians put together a video recapping the events of the corps’ May rehearsal camp in Angleton, Texas.


Impulse director Aaron Zellinger released a 12-minute video discussing the corps' plans for the 2018 season.

Jersey Surf

Surf members recently welcomed the arrival of brand-new instruments from Jupiter.


Legends alluded to an impending show announcement with an intriguing post recapping their most recent rehearsal camp.

Louisiana Stars

The Louisiana Stars are looking for members to fill positions throughout the corps, with openings available in each brass section as well as two in the color guard.

Madison Scouts

The Scouts and Forward Performing Arts have posted a survey in order to research and evaluate member eligibility in the corps.

Music City

As part of a photo gallery from the start of the corps' training camp, Music City announced four openings within the corps — two in the color guard and two in the brass section.

Oregon Crusaders

With spring training set to begin at Camp Howard in northwest Oregon, the Oregon Crusaders are in search of volunteers for the 2018 season.

Pacific Crest

The Diamond Bar, California corps has low brass and tuba openings to fill for its 25th anniversary tour.

Phantom Regiment

Regiments “Fueled by Phans” initiative is now live. Supporters can use this resource to provide meals to the corps throughout its 2018 season.


Pioneer has already raised a solid portion of its $15,000 goal to modernize its sound equipment, and continues to look for further donations from its fan base.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Vanguard recently announced its long-awaited program information; in 2018, the corps will perform “Babylon,” featuring music by Peter Graham and Peter Gabriel among others.

Seattle Cascades

The Cascades will make use of original music for the first time since 2013 in “What Goes Around,” with works by Key Poulan, Micah Brusse, Alex Brinkley, & Kaela Shoe. The corps will also feature music by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Franz Schubert.


Spartans is still in need of an experienced Baritone player for the upcoming 2018 season.

Spirit of Atlanta

Spirit gave us a peek behind closed doors with the corps' 2018 production, “Knock.”


Troopers “Kicked It In” with Fran Kick during spring training. Kick provided guidance and leadership to the Troopers organization this past Wednesday.


Watchmen strengthened numbers and focused on member camraderie this past weekend in Oceanside, California.