In This Edition...

The heart and passion of 2018’s Phantom Regiment
• Going “Off the Wall” with Vanguard Cadets
• How Madison Scouts weathers a storm
• Plus much more!

Blue Devils

Blue Devils percussion caption head Scott Johnson provides some hints of what fans should look for from the drum line during the corps’ 2018 production, “Dreams and Nighthawks.”


In the latest episode of “True Bloo,” members of the Bluecoats are holding onto every moment as their 2018 summer tour draws to a close.

Boston Crusaders

Select brass and percussion instruments used by Boston Crusaders this year are available for purchase and pickup in Indianapolis at the end of the DCI World Championships.

The Cadets

Hear The Cadets’ vocal ensemble perform the National Anthem at the recent DCI event in Annapolis.

The Cavaliers

Michael McIntosh, a fixture of The Cavaliers’ percussion program for two decades, has been named an Honorary Cavalier. The award is presented to individuals who have made substantial contributions to the organization but were never marching members of the corps.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave’s Cameron Vining discusses his job as a media coordinator as the Open Class corps heads to Indiana for its first-ever appearance at the DCI World Championships.

Jersey Surf

If you’re a lover of BBQ who will be near Sicklerville, New Jersey, on Sunday, August 5, head over to the Camden County Technical School for Jersey Surf’s annual BBQ “Send-Off” fundraiser, prepared by a Food Network “Chopped” Champion.

Madison Scouts

Weather is always something to keep an eye on when you’re a drum corps that spends the majority of the day outside. Madison Scouts assistant director David Lofy explains the corps’ inclement weather policy, one that is shared by all DCI corps in order to keep corps members and staff safe.


Here’s an interesting trivia tidbit that might make you go, “Hmmmm.”

Oregon Crusaders

Members of Oregon Crusaders’ battery percussion section show what it’s like to warm up outside a stadium prior to a performance.

Phantom Regiment

“See Your Heart, See Your Passion” is a video produced by Phantom Regiment that captures the joys and challenges of a drum corps season, beginning with the hours of rehearsal that bonds members to one another.

River City Rhythm

River City Rhythm has unveiled new color guard costumes and flags for it’s production of “Each Hour Wounds.”

Santa Clara Vanguard

Santa Clara Vanguard’s visual coordinator Andy Toth and Stanbury Uniforms designer Greg Lagola provide some fascinating insights into the creative process behind the development of the corps’ 2018 production, “Babylon.”

Spirit of Atlanta

The members of Spirit of Atlanta were treated to a unique and meaningful wake-up call the day of the DCI Southeastern Championship in Georgia.


The 2018 season isn’t over yet, but if you’re interested in marching in Troopers’ 2019 percussion section, you can now register for auditions to be held in the Dallas area in November and December.

Vanguard Cadets

Vanguard Cadets’ program director Rob Ripley provides some inside glimpses into the corps’ 2018 production, “Off the Wall.”