In This Edition...

Blue Devils front ensemble makes music on the move
• Oregon Crusaders donate perishables to Indiana community
• Corps start recruiting efforts for 2019
• Plus much more!

7th Regiment

A 2019 season interest form for prospective members is now available for 7th Regiment.

The Academy

As stated in the preface to this impassioned video, “The final moments of every season are the most difficult, but often the most beautiful.”

Blue Devils

This aerial video of Blue Devils’ front ensemble proves that those typically stationary performers move to the music quite a bit.


Listen to members of Bluecoats discuss the challenges and rewards of their 2018 season.

Boston Crusaders

Select Boston Crusaders instruments used by the corps during the summer of 2018 are now for sale.

The Cadets

“The Unity Project Recap” is an emotional look at the challenges and successes of the 2018 Cadets.


Members of Crossmen showed Mandarins some love after the California corps’ first DCI World Championship Finals performance.


Gold will be holding auditions for the 2019 season in the San Diego and Riverside areas.


Legends has announced its audition dates for 2019.

Madison Scouts

Members of Madison Scouts offer practical advice to anyone wishing to audition for any drum corps.


Mandarins were presented with a Daruma in 2010 and it wasn’t completed until Finals night. Find out more about the figurine and what happened when Mandarins took the field for Finals.

Music City

After a successful first year competing in DCI’s World Class division, Music City is looking toward the future and is inviting interested parties to fill out an interest form for 2019.

Oregon Crusaders

Prior to leaving Indiana, Oregon Crusaders donated all the corps’ perishable foodstuffs to the Kokomo Rescue Mission, which provides hot meals and other support to the Kokomo area homeless community.

Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment has posted a comprehensive photo montage from the last day of the season, leading the viewer from rehearsals and run-throughs, through Finals warm-ups, the Finals performance, and post-performance emotions.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Scott Koter, Santa Clara Vanguard’s program coordinator, provides a comprehensive inside look at the corps’ World Championship-winning production, “Babylon.”


Spartans, after graduating only 10 age-outs members this year, is expecting a banner season in 2019. Prospective members can find important info about joining next year’s corps online.

Spirit of Atlanta

Audition opportunities for the 2019 edition of Spirit of Atlanta will be offered in Atlanta, Nashville and Dallas.


Troopers invite those interested in membership to “Saddle Up in 2019.” Brass auditions have been scheduled for Cheyenne, Wyoming and percussion auditions are set for Mesquite, Texas this winter.