In This Edition...

• Up close with the Boston Crusaders percussion section
• Take a trip back in time to Mandarins’ earliest years
• Memories of Gold’s first medalist season
• Plus much more!

The Academy

The Academy is preparing for the 2019 season with a Facebook audition interest group.

Blue Devils

Blue Devils audition info is now available for all sections of the 2019 corps.

Boston Crusaders

Multitudes of close-up shots of Boston Crusaders’ percussion section are offered in this Vic Firth-produced Finals Week rehearsal video of “S.O.S.”

The Cadets

The Cadets are offering a $200 discount on the sale of trumpets used by the corps during its 2018 summer season.

The Cavaliers

Learn how to spin like The Cavaliers’ color guard in this FloMarching “Break it Down” video.


Registration is now open for November and December Crossmen eXperience Camps in Texas, Georgia and Ohio.


Gold’s first-ever DCI Open Class World Championship medalist season is fondly remembered in this tender video.


You won’t want to miss this captivating video tracing the early years of the Mandarins organization.

Oregon Crusaders

The members of Oregon Crusaders reflect on the end of the corps’ season in the year’s final episode of “Behind OC.”

River City Rhythm

River City Rhythm now has a form for those interested in receiving information about the corps’ 2019 season.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Silicon Valley Voice, the hometown newspaper of Santa Clara, California, pays homage to Vanguard’s victory at the DCI World Championships.


This photo gallery traces the final days of the Troopers’ 2018 60th anniversary season.


Watchmen experienced its best year in the corps’ history in 2018. If you don’t yet own any Watchmen swag for this up-and-coming corps, check out the items in the Watchmen Shop.