In This Edition:

• Colts put in work on new kitchen trailer
• Regiment reveals details about 2019 production theme
• Santa Clara Vanguard names 2019 drum majors
• And more!

7th Regiment

7th Regiment has several open positions for volunteers at the Connecticut corps’ March 8-10 rehearsal camp.

The Battalion

Five years ago this week on a 14-hour bus ride, three founders of The Battalion figured out how they could start up a DCI drum corps in Utah.

Blue Devils C

Blue Devils C will be marching in the Dublin, California St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 16.

Blue Knights

A Blue Knights drum line is featured in a new collaboration with country music star Kacey Musgraves.


Bluecoats needs an experienced and certified athletic trainer to lead the corps’ physical fitness and treatment program. Duties will start during spring training.

The Cadets

YEA Chairman of the Board Doug Rutherford presents a video message on program updates, changes and events at the parent organization of The Cadets.

Carolina Crown

Nominations have opened for the 2019 Carolina Crown Hall of Fame induction.

The Cavaliers

Here is a list of 16 different positions available within The Cavaliers organization.


Watch a brief time-lapse video of volunteers working on Colts’ new kitchen trailer.

Colt Cadets

Along with its parent corps, Colt Cadets has a need for volunteers to assist with cooking, sewing and driving.


Anyone can be a member of Friends of the Columbians, an organization that assists the corps financially and in ways allowing staff members the freedom to focus on teaching.


Willow Waters has been named Crossmen Productions’ new administrative coordinator, responsible for year-round merchandise sales and the coordination of volunteers.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave has a goal of purchasing a 53-foot trailer that will better protect equipment and will allow the corps to travel with fewer vehicles on its summer tour. See how you can make that dream come true.


Impulse has openings for prospective horn line and color guard members.


Here’s a list of perishables needed for Incognito’s 2019 summer tour, as well as some kitchen supplies and other items.

Jersey Surf

Jersey Surf offers many ways to support the corps, including the sponsorship of drinks, snacks, meals, and even birthday celebrations on the corps' summer tour.


Final Legends color guard auditions will take place at the corps’ April 26-28 rehearscamp.

Louisiana Stars

All parents should read this Louisiana Stars explanation of why drum corps is a great activity for their children.

Madison Scouts

Video audition opportunities are available to prospective members of all sections of the Madison Scouts’ 2019 corps.


Friends and family of Mandarins are invited to help the corps celebrate at its 56th Anniversary Birthday Bash, to be held April 27 in Sacramento. The Mandarins 2019 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored and attendees will hear a preview of the corps’ 2019 production.

Music City

Music City is seeking media interns for the corps' 2019 season, with roles available in photography, videography and social media.

Phantom Regiment

Watch the second of four installments of Regiment's “Who is your Joan?” video series where program coordinator Will Pitts offers insights into the creation of the corps’ 2019 Joan of Arc-themed production.


Raiders’ next rehearsal for brass and percussion will take place March 15-17 in Philadelphia.

River City Rhythm

Here’s how you can hire River City Rhythm for a parade and other special events. The corps has marched parades in Minnesota, Wisconsin and even the Chicago area.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Led by Mason Emken, Santa Clara Vanguard named the drum majors who will lead the corps during its 2019 season.

Seattle Cascades

A limited number of positions are open in all of Seattle Cascadess brass sections. Video auditions are free. The corps' next rehearsal camp will take place March 15 in SeaTac, Washington.


Southwind posted a trailer building anticipation for the reveal of the corps' 2019 production.


Troopers has a need for a certified athletic trainer for this summer.