In This Edition:

• Troopers get busy building sandcastles
• Seattle's "snazzy" new look
• Inspiration behind Blue Devils' "Ghostlight"
• And more!

7th Regiment

7th Regiment brass members are now using Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs for hearing protection. Vibes is offering a 15 percent discount and free shipping to fans of the corps.

The Academy

Lindsey Vento, The Academy’s artistic director and program director, provides an extensive inside look at the design for the corps’ “The Bridge Between” uniforms.

The Battalion

The Battalion continues to grow in numbers and logistical support. The corps now has its own equipment truck. Corps co-founder and board member Dallin Hatch provides the backstory to how the corps obtained this helpful addition to the corps’ continued growth.

Blue Devils

In a recent video update, Blue Devils program coordinator Scott Chandler talks about the origins of the inspiration of the corps’ 2019 show, “Ghostlight."

Blue Knights

On July 13, Blue Knights executive director Mark Arnold will be inducted into the Blue Knights Hall of Fame during Drums Along the Rockies festivities.

Blue Stars

Blue Stars have pre-owned Yamaha percussion and brass instruments available upon the end of the 2019 season, perfect for band directors and others looking for quality instruments at a reduced price.


Bluecoats’ costume designer Greg Lagola describes what went on behind the scenes in the design and construction phase of the corps’ 2019 uniforms, each of which is custom designed for every performer.

Boston Crusaders

Boston Crusaders’ 2019 Yamaha brass and front ensemble instruments are now available for sale.

The Cadets

A recent highlights montage of 4th of July parades shows the members of The Cadets letting down their hair and having fun interacting with parade-goers and one very friendly dog.

Carolina Crown

In this short video, a member of Carolina Crown explains how the Ultimate Drill Book app helps everyone stay updated regarding the latest drill changes.

The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers’ 2019 train cars, barrels, pipes, and cart props are available for sale upon the end of the season. Also available are the cages and box props from the corps’ 2018 show.


Colts brass caption head Chad Miller has a unique way of putting things when he’s encouraging members to strive for excellence.


Crossmen instruments, uniforms, props, audio equipment, carts, and podiums are available for immediate purchase, including trombones that were only used for the six weeks of the 2018 Crossmen Winds WGI season.


Genesis conductor Cameron Wilson and visual caption head Frank Solis describe the corps’ “From the Ground Up” show.


Guardians recently revealed the new look for the corps' 2019 show, "Unpeeled."

Heat Wave

The color guard uniforms for Heat Wave’s “Nature Boy” show have a neo-1950s look complementing the Nat King Cole inspiration of the production.


Like many drum corps, Impulse marched a parade on the 4th of July. But in typical Impulse fashion, the members of the corps made the most of interacting with the audience and other parade participants in California’s Huntington Beach parade.


Legends is another corps that has Yamaha brass, percussion, and electronic equipment for sale at discounted prices. All equipment has been used for less than three seasons.

Louisiana Stars

Louisiana Stars’ new color guard costumes bring an abstract elegance to the corps’ “Break” production.

Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts organization announced that the corps will be opening itself to all genders for the 2020 season.


The Sacramento Bee newspaper recently delved into Mandarins’ 2019 “subTerra” show and the corps’ increasing community outreach programs.

Music City

Joe Roach, Music City’s corps director, talked with Living East Tennessee about what sets drum corps apart.

Phantom Regiment

A Phantom Regiment staffer gives fans the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes of the operation of the corps' souvenir sales.


Raiders will be hosting an all-you-can-eat fundraiser, “A Pasta Dinner for a Cause,” a spaghetti dinner in Dresher, Pennsylvania the night of Sunday, July 14

Santa Clara Vanguard

In a new video, Santa Clara Vanguard visual coordinator Andy Toth digs deep into the subtleties of the production design of the corps’ 2019 production of “Vox Eversio.”

Seattle Cascades

Seattle Cascades recently debuted brand-new uniforms for 2019.


Shadow has two immediate openings available for an experienced weapons specialist and another for an experienced marimba player. The corps is also looking for a brass alternate to travel with the corps.


Southwind members share the excitement of what it was like to participate in the corps’ first show of the season, Drums Across America in Valdosta, Georgia.


Despite rain cancelling Spartans’ Friends and Family Day, the members of the corps made the best of the scenario by gathering under the protection of the stadium and singing their blues away to the strains of “Fire of Eternal Glory” by Shostakovich.


Troopers take fans behind-the-scenes at their 4th of July parade performance of “America the Beautiful” and building sand castles on the coast of Seaside, Oregon.