• Southwind reveals 2023 show title
• Regiment pulls back the curtain on November auditions
• Cavaliers look back on 75 years
• And more!

7th Regiment

7th Regiment's next "7RX" experience camp is scheduled for December 4 at Bertram F. Dodd Middle School in Cheshire, Connecticut.

The Academy

The Arizona corps' audition opportunities begin with a full-corps camp, December 2-4 in Phoenix.

The Battalion

Set for December 9-10, The Battalion will host its Utah "BEX" audition event at Herriman High School.

Blue Devils

While there aren't many in-person opportunities left on the schedule, video auditions are still available for the Concord corps.

Blue Knights

Blue Knights will host a percussion-only audition camp December 4 in southern California.

Blue Stars

Blue Stars paid tribue to the late Tom Volk, who served as a longtime volunteer for the corps.


The Canton corps announced a partnership with Forte Athletics to develop a fitness program for its 2023 members.

Boston Crusaders

Boston Crusaders' virtual "Jingle Jam" event is scheduled for December 11 at 8 p.m., featuring a variety of performances from 2022 corps members and alumni.

The Cadets

Those interested in filling drum major positions for The Cadets can audition December 4 in Texas or December 16-18 in New Jersey.

Carolina Crown

Carolina Crown introduced father-son duo Freddy and Michael Martin as members of its 2023 brass instructional and design team.

The Cavaliers

Take a look back at The Cavaliers' 1986 and 1987 seasons, as part of the corps' celebration of its 75th anniversary.


The Dubuque, Iowa corps will host a single-day audition camp at the University of Florida in Gainesville, December 11.


Columbians' Vancouver audition camp is scheduled for December 10 at Skyview High School.


Crossmen will host a pair of audition camps December 4, in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas.


Hear from corps members as they discuss their favorite aspects of the Genesis experience.


Guardians has an upcoming in-person audition camp for brass and percussion students scheduled for December 16 in Woodway, Texas.

Heat Wave

Anthony M., a Heat Wave member, shared his thoughts on marching with the Florida corps.

Louisiana Stars

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming staff and audition information from Louisiana Stars.

Madison Scouts

The Madison corps introduced its 2023 brass and visual staff listings, featuring brass caption head Dylan Hyman and visual caption head Sierra Rogers.


A pair of California-based Mandarins audition experience camps are scheduled for early December in Elk Grove and Flintridge.

Music City

Music City invites fans to support the Nashville corps when they shop with AmazonSmile this holiday season.

Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest will host a pair of information sessions about joining the corps via Zoom, November 30 and December 5.

Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment gives viewers an inside look at the corps' November audition camp in a recently-posted highlights video.


Interested Raiders auditionees can attend the corps' Texas camp at Aldine High School in Houston, December 17.

River City Rhythm

The Minnesota corps' December audition camp is slated for December 9-11 at Waseca Intermediate School.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Santa Clara Vanguard still has plenty of 2023 audition opportunities left on the schedule, including a set of December 11 camps for brass performers in Austin and Fort Worth.

Seattle Cascades

Seattle Cascades has two audition camps planned for December, including December 3 at Kamiakin High School and December 10-11 at Scappoose High School.


Southwind posted a trailer revealing the title of the Alabama corps' 2023 production, "Cowboys of the Sky."


The Nashua, New Hampshire corps introduced its new front ensemble caption head and arranger, Mark Sachetta.

Spirit of Atlanta

Spirit will host a one-day audition camp December 10 at Georgia Tech. Registrants who use the code "Spirit23" will get $75 off of camp registration or $25 off of a video audition.


Troopers has a virtual open house scheduled for December 4 for prospective brass performers.