Blue Devils A pre-season audio recording of the Blue Devils' 2014 program, "Felliniesque," is now available for purchase on the corps' website. Also available are downloads of "Noir, Nuvo" (Blue Devils B) and "Surfin' BDC" (Blue Devils C).
Blue Knights Whether you are interested in helping with merchandise sales or lending a hand on the food trailer, the Blue Knights are looking for eager volunteers to join their team this summer.
Bluecoats After much anticipation and multiple teasers, the Bluecoats have unveiled their new look for 2014. Visit their Facebook page to see why "Orange is the New Bloo."
The Cadets The Cadets took home first place (72.10) at the opening night of the 2014 DCI Tour in Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 18. Make sure you stay updated on the corps' progress over the summer by following its blog.
Carolina Crown Carolina Crown also performed at DCI's opening night event, earning themselves second place with a score of 70.80. Check out this photo album of action shots from the corps' first show.
Cascades With only two weeks before the start of the corps' tour, the Cascades have found themselves in need of a truck driver. To be eligible, you must be available July 1 through August 11, and a Commercial Drivers License is required.
The Cavaliers In the latest installment of the video series "On Record," we get a look through the eyes of Chris Woj, Brian Wulf, Joe Roach, and Tyrell Simpson as the Cavaliers finish their last two weeks of spring training.
Crossmen The Crossmen are suiting up to make their first trip to California since 2007. The corps from San Antonio, Texas will be performing the first leg of its summer tour on the west coast, including appearances at DCI West in Stanford and Pacific Procession in Santa Clara.
Gold Due to recent growth of the corps, Gold is acquiring a new 53-foot semi trailer. If you would like to donate to this new purchase, you can visit the corps' fundraising site and learn more.
Madison Scouts The Madison Scouts have revealed their new look for 2014, designed by Stanbury Uniforms.
Pacific Crest On June 14, Pacific Crest hosted a preview show featuring performances by three open class corps; Gold, Impulse, and Watchmen. You can find a complete photo album dedicated to the event on the corps' Facebook page.
Vanguard Cadets The Vanguard Cadets are seeking two experienced baritone and tuba players at the high school or college level to fill openings in the corps' 2014 horn line.