Boston Crusaders Oct. 26, 2007
The Boston Crusaders appointed Kari White as the corps' visual caption head for the 2008 season. White has been involved with many drum corps in the past including the Blue Devils, Cadets and Carolina Crown, among others.
Velvet Knights Oct. 26, 2007
Velvet Knights have added Thom Willett as the corps' upper brass instructor and Steve Teubner as the corps' athletic trainer for the 2008 season.
Troopers Oct. 26, 2007
Dean Westman will join the Troopers' 2008 staff as brass arranger. He has been an active instructor and arranger in the drum corps activity for 16 years including instructional stints with the Cavaliers and the Santa Clara Vanguard.
The Academy Oct. 26, 2007
In 2008, the Academy will see several new and returning members as part of the corps' brass faculty. Headlining the brass caption will be the return of Sam Pilafian and Patrick Sheridan as music arrangers, composers and brass instructors. In addition, Christian Carichner and executive director Mark Richardson will return as brass instructors. New to the staff will be Jonathan Whitaker and Will Plenk.
Spirit from JSU Oct. 29, 2007
Leading Spirit from JSU's percussion section in 2008 as caption head and battery arranger will be Shane Gwaltney. The front ensemble will be arranged by Eric Willie. Additional percussion staff members will include: Joe Hobbs (co-caption head, snare instructor), Joe Fant (tenor drum instructor), Kenneth Carico (tenor drum instructor), Will Campbell (bass drum instructor), Sean Womack (front ensemble instructor), Brant Wills (front ensemble instructor) and Matt Jordan (front ensemble instructor). Also joining Spirit's staff for 2008 is Freddy Martin who will serve as brass advisor and music consultant. Martin, a 2006 inductee into the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame, founded Spirit in 1976 and served as the corps' director until 1993.
Santa Clara Vanguard Oct. 29, 2007
The 2008 season will mark the return of Myron Rosander to the Santa Clara Vanguard. As a previous performer, instructor, designer and assistant corps director, Rosander will be entering his 27th year with the Vanguard, the longest tenure of any performer and instructor in the organization's history. He will serve as a performance consultant.
Colts Nov. 1, 2007
The Colts have named several consultants to assist in the development and implementation of the corps' 2008 program. Among them is Michael Cesario (program consultant), Bob Smith (visual coordinator), Tom Lizotte (music consultant) and James Hudson (show consultant).
Dutch Boy Nov. 1, 2007
Dutch Boy has added Joe Shuker to the corps' 2008 design staff. Shuker will serve as percussion caption head and battery arranger, and will replace Bruce McCarthy, who will stay on with the corps as a consultant.