The Academy The Academy launched a new fundraising campaign aiming to replace the corps' aging equipment trailer. The organization is about 20 percent of the way toward its $50,000 goal.
Boston Crusaders David Clemmer and Patrick Erwin will join the Boston Crusaders' instructional staff in 2015 as brass caption managers.
Carolina Crown Carolina Crown returned from a week-long journey to Japan on Wednesday. Check out a number of great photos and videos from the trip on the corps' Facebook page.
The Cavaliers Fourth-year corps member Austin Baker has been named the Cavaliers' 2015 drum major.
Colts Colts announced that all of the corps' caption heads from 2014 will return to lead their respective sections in 2015. "Like our design team, I felt it important for the corps to develop continuity in building the fundamentals of how we approach performance," Director Vicki MacFarlane said.
Eruption Washington band director Chris Drewry will return to Eruption in 2015 as the corps' program coordinator.
Guardians Jarrett Lipman will join the 2015 Guardians instructional staff to serve as brass co-caption supervisor with Ryan Heath.
Oregon Crusaders Oregon Crusaders member Abbi Reekie has been selected as a member of the 2015 U.S. Army All-American Marching Band.
Racine Scouts Racine Scouts named the individuals who will serve as brass, visual and percussion caption heads during the corps' 2015 season.
Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara Vanguard has a job opening for a part-time development associate.
Troopers Jennifer Leseth and Gabriel Becerra will join the Troopers' 2015 instructional staff as color guard caption supervisor and caption head respectively.