Boston Crusaders/Madison Scouts The Boston Crusaders and the Madison Scouts are currently at the end of "The Old School Challenge," a two-week fundraising blitz that pits two of drum corps' oldest units in a head-to-head battle for financial supremacy (or at least bragging rights!). Your last chance to support these two worthy organizations is today, July 30. Submit your donation online by midnight to help put the Championship belt on your favorite corps. As of this posting, the Scouts held a slight lead over the contending Crusaders $6,600 to $6,100.
Support the Boston Crusaders. Support the Madison Scouts.
Cascades After recent shows in Texas, the corps reflects on the season's progress, both with scores and how members are coping with the ups and downs of tour life: the 2010 Half Summer Reflection.
Crossmen Dave Oechsle and Grant Davis are the new 2010 inductees to the Crossmen Alumni Association Hall of Fame. Oechsle joined the Crossmen administrative staff in 1975 and stayed on until 1985, serving in many roles from tour director, to driver, to fundraiser. Davis was a dedicated member of the Crossmen drum line from 1978-1981, returning after he aged out to teach the battery percussion. From 1986-1989, he was instrumental in working with show design, recruiting and administrative duties for the corps.
Genesis Due to popular demand, the corps' Las Vegas Raffle will now be held Aug. 1, meaning fans have one extra week to buy tickets. Support the corps and possibly win a trip to Las Vegas! Second and third place prizes include $100 and $50 gift cards.
Glassmen The Glassmen will host the Summer Showcase, the last DCI Tour event of regular season on Aug. 9 at the newly remodeled Springfield High School Community Stadium in Holland, Ohio. Starting at 7:30 p.m., watch seven World Class corps face off one more time before DCI World Championships.
Mandarins A parent of 2010 age-out Jared Cole joined up with the Mandarins at DCI Dallas, and is giving fans a "virtual tour" with photos and news updates.
Oregon Crusaders Recently, the corps embarked on its second leg of its summer tour – you can follow Oregon Crusaders as they take their 2010 repertoire across the country, to Rice Lake, Wis., Greendale, Wis., and Dubuqe, Iowa before Open Class Quarterginals August 10. The organization also thanks family and friends for their support at the corps' send-off desert gala July 27.
Platinum Platinum thanks everyone who is helping make the corps' first DCI tour a success. Platinum competes again on Aug. 8 in Dayton, Ohio and during the Open Class World Championship week which starts Aug. 10 in Michigan City, Ind.
Spartans Join the Spartans Aug. 29 for their 2010 Awards Banquet, where the corps will honor its Rookie of the Year, Spartans of the Year, and more. Admission is free for current Spartan members and $25 for adult guests. The corps encourages all family and friends to attend, starting at 12 p.m. at the Nashua, N.H. Crowne Plaza
Vanguard Cadets The Vanguard Cadets just returned home from a successful 2010 season. After finishing Saturday at the Cypress, Texas DCI Southwestern event, the corps had a free day at the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio on Sunday and returned home Wednesday.