The Academy

Send the Academy off in style 24 hours before their competitive debut! Tonight The Academy will be taking their new 2009 production "The Ascent" for a test drive before they hit the road on their first tour of the season. Join the corps for this free dress rehearsal and help send the members off with cheers of support and well wishes.

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Blue Stars

The Blue Stars will kick off the Veterans Memorial Ride, a motorcycle rally honoring veterans and service members, on Saturday, June 20. The corps is scheduled to perform at 2:30 p.m. at the Veterans Hall of Honor at the University of Wisconsin.

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Boston Crusaders

Check out the Boston Crusaders' brand-new website! A new, bold and streamlined design allows fans to easily learn about the corps' history, follow their summer tour through news headlines and a Twitter feed, chat with others in the new "Corps Hall" and more.

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Holy Name Cadets

The Holy Name Cadets are excited to bring their first 75th Anniversary Stadium Party to Chambersburg, Pa., tonight. Alumni, donors and family members are invited to join in the celebration! Chambersburg is the first of nine stadium parties the corps will host across the country this summer. Guests will meet the creative team and show staff, get an inside look into the 2009 program, have a personal 'guided tour' of ensemble rehearsal, eat dinner corps-style off the food truck, meet and get to know the 2009 Cadets and even receive a special 75th anniversary gift.

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Tonight the Crossmen will debut their 2009 production, "ForbiddeN" at the Crossmen Preview held at the Blossom Athletic Center in San Antonio. Participants of the corps' eXperience camp will also have a part in this special opening performance.

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The Glassmen made an appearance this week in Washington, D.C. along with supporters such as basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, actress and singer Florence Henderson, Mrs. America 2009 Maureen McDonald and "Funky Winkerbean" cartoonist Tom Batiuk to show their support for MENC: The National Association for Music Education's petition promoting equal access to music education.

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Jersey Surf

After this Saturday's performance in Wildwood, N.J., fans of the Jersey Surf can check out one final pre-tour run through of their 2009 production "The Mozart Effect" at Winslow Township High School in Atco, N.J. this Sunday.

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Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts have two brand new faces helping on the tour this summer. "Chef Dave" Hurlburt is a trained chef and has a long history as a member and instructor in drum corps. Chad Truitt, in charge of sewing operations, has taught, consulted , designed , and judged marching and winter guard programs for the last 12 years.


Music City

The Music City made its debut last Friday in Nashville, heading up the CMA Music Festival parade and playing for a convention opening.


Pacific Crest

Drum corps fan Noah Witt recently received the gift of a signed drum head from the Pacific Crest drum line as he returned home after recovering from an injury in the hospital.



Read all about Revolution's summer tour on their blog, The Revolution Chronicles. Recent updates detail how the corps is growing, a much-anticipated mail pickup and a few comical mishaps.

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