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Corps news and announcements

Corps news and announcements

by Drum Corps International

The Academy

The Academy announced that Glen Crosby will return as the corps' percussion caption head and program coordinator. He will be assisted during the 2009 summer by Murray Gusseck (percussion clinician), Andrea Venet (front ensemble instructor), Brian Stevens (snare drum instructor), Catherina Bhagwat (snare drum instructor), Michael Talerico (cymbal instructor), Rick Barclay (bass drum instructor) and Ryan Masterson (tenor drum instructor).

Read more at ArizonaAcademy.org.


Michael Lentz, a longtime color guard instructor, designer and visual judge, will join the 2009 Colts to work with other design team members in bringing the group's '09 production "Fathom" to life. "Mike Lentz has proven himself an extraordinary designer of contemporary color guard. I'm delighted he's already begun to add his unique vision and inventiveness to the Colts program," said program consultant Michael Cesario.

Read more at Colts.org.

Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts announced a strategic partnership with the Signature Winter Guard of Westminster, Colo. to develop cross-educational opportunities between the two organizations. "We are very enthusiastic about this relationship with Signature," said Madison Scouts executive director Jeff Spanos. "Our expectation is to share instructional knowledge and resources to the benefit of both groups. For the Scouts, this is an important step in building the type of color guard program that extends beyond the bounds of the summer season."

Read more at MadisonScouts.org.

Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest recently announced several staff changes. Ariel Campos will take over as front ensemble arranger and instructor in place of Stuart Pompel, who will forgo arranging duties to focus on his role as the organization's executive director. Campos will also be joined by Susan Willmering who has instructed the front ensemble section since 2006. Additionally, Ben Contreras will take the place of Stephanie Colby as color guard caption head, and former Pacific Crest drum major Chris Cowling will step up as marching caption head in place of Adrian Rivas.

Read more at Pacific-Crest.org.


Revolution welcomes back Julian Howard and AJay Riojas as caption heads for the 2009 season. Howard will lead the brass section assisted by Robert Flores, while Riojas will resume his duties with the color guard, assisted by Adam Duron and Bryan Espinosa.

Read more at RevolutionYPA.org.


Therese Griffin is the new general manager of the Spartans, working directly with and reporting to executive director Peter LaFlamme. Griffin will be responsible for coordinating services pertaining to corps membership and support staff/volunteers, among other duties. Jim Maher recently accepted the position of field operations manager. He will be responsible for the planning, implementation and scope of all equipment used by the corps including instruments, vehicles and accessories.

Read more at SpartansDBC.org.

Teal Sound

Formerly the visual caption head, Marcos Martinez will step up as Teal Sound's visual supervisor/designer for the 2009 season. "The search for finding the right fit for Teal was right there in front of us all the time," director Randy Blackburn said about Martinez's new role. Filling the role of visual caption head will be Tom Slaughter. "I have known Tom for years and the programs he has worked with are consistently at the top of their class in marching execution," said Ron Ellis, Teal Sound program coordinator.

Read more at TealSound.org.


Troopers director Fred Morris announced that Scott-Lee Atchison will return for his third year as the corps' brass caption head in 2009. Also returning is Jayme Taylor (high brass coordinator), Fuller Lyon (low brass coordinator) and Trevor Bailey (euphonium and recruiting coordinator). New to the Troopers' brass team will be James Nufer (trumpet), Angie Medford (mellophone), Lisa Tatum (baritone) and Taylor Smith (tuba).

Read more at TroopersDrumCorps.org.

Velvet Knights

Velvet Knights section leader James Teubner was recently selected as one of 10 individuals who will play the role of "Toy Soldiers" in the Disneyland Christmas Fantasy Parade. Teubner, a native of Yorba Linda, Calif., is a music education major at Cal State Fullerton.

Read more at VKYAO.org

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