Rehearsal Camps This Weekend
Feb. 12–14, 2010
Rehearsal Camps Next Weekend
Feb. 19–21, 2010
7th RegimentBlue Devils B
The AcademyBlue Knights
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Carolina CrownDutch Boy
Cascades Genesis*
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Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 
Velvet Knights 
*Denotes corps engaged in evaluation process for participation in the 2010 DCI Tour.
Blue Devils You can support the Blue Devils with the brand new BD Visa card. When you apply for and use your card, the bank will donate $50 and a percentage of future purchases to the organization.
Blue Stars Children and parents are invited to the Blue Star Cadets' informational open house on Feb. 21 at 3 Rivers Waldorf School in La Crosse, Wis.
Bluecoats Bluecoats fans are encouraged to stay at the corps' headquarters hotel, the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Indy, during the DCI World Championships, Aug. 12-14, 2010. A special room rate is available for this property, which will also host the organization's brunch buffet and awards banquet on Sunday, Aug. 15. All corps members, staff, alumni, volunteers, family and friends are invited to attend.
The Cadets The Cadets' administration team is currently accepting applications for a transportation manager who will serve the corps during the 2010 summer. Applicants should be available from June 10 through Aug. 15, and be ready to help "put the corps on the road–on time, every time."
The Cavaliers Cavaliers members were in action last weekend as they completed their February rehearsal camp in Rosemont, Ill. "Design wise, the goal was to play two of the encore tunes, as well as the first six minutes of the 2010 show," said Scott Koter, program coordinator. "All goals were met and we are ahead of schedule."
Incognito Can Nguyen, a former soprano player with Incognito, is featured in the latest season of "America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV. Presented by American Idol judge Randy Jackson, the show pits 15 of the most talented dance groups from across the country against each other for a top prize of $100,000. Nguyen's group, Poreotix, is described to have "laboriously honed their craft of popping and robotic movement and are at the pinnacle of their game. The way in which the crew blends the different dance styles gives them a distinctive animated look, and their integration of humor makes their performances fiercely entertaining."
Madison Scouts Madison Scouts fans can make reservations at the corps' headquarters hotel, the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, for the DCI World Championships, Aug. 12-14, 2010. Just three blocks from the Lucas Oil Stadium, the hotel will also be the site of the organization's year-end banquet on Sunday, Aug. 15.
Racine Scouts Be sure to stop by the Racine Scouts' newly redesigned Web site. News, schedules, membership information, history and more, can all be found at
Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara Vanguard posted the first in a series of articles that will "explore the creative development of the Vanguard's 2010 show, BART?“K." First up is commentary from arranger Key Poulan, who explains how the music was selected for this production, which pieces were chosen, and what fans should listen for as they're exploring these works.
Les Stentors Les Stentors have taken the wraps off of a brand new Web site design. Check it out for the latest news and information about the French Canadian corps.