The Academy Plans are in motion for the Academy's alumni reunion project. Celebrating the organization's 10th competitive season, the corps is organizing several events and performances this summer for its alumni members.
Blue Devils The Blue Devils have a block of hotel rooms available to out-of-towners heading to the DCI West Drum Corps International Tour event on June 21 in Stanford, Calif.
Blue Stars Blue Stars will title their 2014 competitive production, "Where the Heart Is." Intended to celebrate the corps' 50th anniversary, the show will incorporate musical works by John Adams, Paul Simon, and the corps' arrangers Richard Saucedo, Ian Grom and John Mapes, among others.
Boston Crusaders Boston Crusaders has a sale on hoodie sweatshirts, available for just $15 while supplies last.
The Cadets And now for something completely different: The intro to the Cadets' 2013 production "Side By Side" slowed down to a snail's pace.
The Cavaliers The gears are in motion for the Green Machine showcased in a new video with highlights from the corps' January rehearsal camp.
Crossmen The Crossmen update fans with a recap and photos from the corps' recent rehearsal camp in at James Madison High School in San Antonio.
Genesis Genesis now has a page just for volunteers where they can learn more about the experience and sign up to lend a helping hand.
Madison Scouts With a production that will feature the music of Stan Kenton and Don Ellis, Madison Scouts is offering scholarships to "lead-quality trumpet players with extended range" who can join the corps for its 2014 summer season.
Mandarins Mandarins is set to host its Brass Camp and Spin Club coming up Feb. 15-16 in Elk Grove, Calif.
Oregon Crusaders Tax season is near, and you can support the Oregon Crusaders by doing yours through H&R Block.
Pacific Crest Check out a new video with highlights from Pacific Crest's January rehearsal camp.
Phantom Regiment Pre-order the "On the Road With the 2013 Phantom Regiment" DVD and take advantage of a limited-time-only sale on the disc.
Spirit of Atlanta Check out Spirit of Atlanta's January update video which includes interviews and footage from the corps' recent rehearsal camp.
Thunder Thunder's 2014 production "Our Generation" will be based on the poem "Lost Generation" by Jonathan Reed.