The Cavaliers Feb. 5, 2008
The Cavaliers recently made several new staff appointments to its color guard and brass sections. Cavaliers staff member Ronnie Bynum will serve the corps in 2008 as color guard caption head, and former corps member Brady Sanders will be a new addition to the corps' color guard staff. Joni Perez will join the corps' brass staff under the leadership of David Bertman and Donnie Hull. Perez is a former caption head with the Blue Knights.
Revolution Feb. 7, 2008
Revolution announced the title of its 2008 production, "" The program will feature music by composers James Newton Howard, John Adams, Jerry Goldsmith and Philip Glass. "The show is all about elevating ourselves, our music, our marching and our overall life," said Revolution corps director Wes Roberts in a press release.
Pacific Crest February, 2008
After raising more than $135,000 toward a projected cost of $160,000, the Pacific Crest Board of Directors approved the completion of the corps' mobile kitchen for use during the 2008 season. A virtual tour of the new mobile kitchen facility is available on the corps' Web site.
Yamato Feb. 13, 2008 Yamato announced its field conductors for the 2008 season, Casey Bindl and Donnaly Natividad. "It was very important we find the right people to lead Yamato back on to the field this summer," said corps director Edward Martin in a press release. Pending the outcome of an official review of organizational operations by the Drum Corps International participation review committee, Yamato looks to return to the competitive drum corps field in 2008 after a year of inactivity.