Blue Knights

The Blue Knights received some media attention for their 50th anniversary celebrations happening around last weekend's Drums Along the Rockies event. Fans can take a look at a photo gallery linked from the Blue Knights' home page.

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The Cavaliers

Those in town on the eve of the upcoming DCI San Antonio event, can head out to to the Twig Book Shop, 5005 Broadway, San Antonio, TX, to meet and greet Colt Foutz, author of "Building the Green Machine" which chronicles the history off the Cavaliers and founder Don Warren. Foutz will be hosting a discussion on drum corps history and reading passages from the book at the shop on Friday, July 18 at 5 p.m.

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Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts have posted new photos of the corps up through the group's performance at the DCI Louisville event on their Web site.

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Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment program advisor Tony Hall has written a letter to supporters of the corps, now available on Regiment's Web site. Hall calls for the audience to stand up and get into the action when the corps members shout "I am Spartacus!" during performances of their 2008 program.

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