The Academy The Academy announced the names of the three drum majors who will lead the corps during its 2014 summers season.
Blue Devils B Drum major auditions for Blue Devils B will take place Sunday, Jan. 26 in Concord, Calif.
Bluecoats From merchandise to communications, Bluecoats posted a number of summer internship opportunities for interested students.
Boston Crusaders The Boston Crusaders took time on Martin Luther King Day to volunteer in their local community with YouthBuild Boston.
The Cadets The Cadets posted a complete roster of its 2014 corps member leaders. Second-year member Kendall Stevenson will serve as drum major.
Cascades Cascades posted a gallery of photos from the corps' January rehearsal camp on Facebook.
The Cavaliers In a recent blog post on the corps' website, the Cavaliers recap highlights from their January rehearsal camp that took place last weekend in the Chicagoland area.
Coastal Surge Getting ready for its sophomore season as an Open Class corps, Coastal Surge posted a new video with highlights from its January rehearsal camp.
Colt Cadets The Colt Cadets will get their season underway Sunday, March 2 in Dubuque, Iowa, with an open house and educational clinic for students of all skill levels.
Madison Scouts The Madison Scouts are seeking volunteers to assist with a fundraising effort this summer at Miller Park, home of Major League Baseball's Milwaukee Brewers.
Mandarins Rick Caccam will join the Mandarins as a part-time tour manager during the corps' 2014 summer tour. "[Rick] has this incredible talent of keeping things moving on time and making sure everyone is having fun," Director Jim Tabuchi said.
Music City Music City welcomed 75 brass players and 63 percussionists to its recent January rehearsal camp. The corps is still recruiting members with immediate need in its tuba section.
Oregon Crusaders The Oregon Crusaders will host their inaugural Bands on the Run 5K fundraiser on March 2 at Hillsboro Stadium in Oregon.
Pacific Crest Pacific Crest posted a Q&A interview with recently appointed drum major Hobie Lindholm.
Raiders Raiders is working to raise much-needed funds to make upgrades to the corps' equipment trailer.