The Cadets

Daniel Riley will take the reigns as Cadets color guard caption supervisor in 2010, leading a team of new and returning staff members. "Most of us have worked together for years. We all know what each of our strengths is," Riley said. "I have to say we work really well together and have a fun time with each other and the guard."


The Cascades reported a strong turnout to the corps' audition camps held this past weekend in Seattle and Portland. "I was excited to see so many membership candidates at this audition," said assistant director Ron Comfort. "It proves that staying the course and building a stable environment is being recognized throughout the Northwest."

The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers appointed fourth-year member Brandon Cave as drum major, and fifth-year member Benjamin Ash as color guard sergeant for the 2010 season. "These two young men exemplify the character and work ethic we require of our Junior Officers," said director Adolph DeGrauwe. "Both Brandon and Ben are highly respected by the members, staff, volunteers and management of the corps. I'm confident they will do an outstanding job leading our members this year."


Crossmen director Mark Chambers recently announced the individuals who will comprise the corps' color guard staff for 2010. "These staff members are so creative and they are experienced teachers," he said.

Jersey Surf

The Jersey Surf is mourning the loss of Sean Neill, a member of the corps' percussion section from 1998-2000, who passed away last Sunday at his home in Hollywood, Fla. He was 26 years old. "Sean was a passionate, committed and fun-loving member of the corps for several seasons, and he and his family have continued to support the organization even after Sean's days as a marching member," said Jersey Surf Executive Director Bob Jacobs.

Pacific Crest

More than 600 people attended the funeral service for Pacific Crest Drum Major Zachary Headden who was tragically killed in an auto accident on Nov. 13. The service was held in Covina, Calif., and included a tribute performance of Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria" by an 85-person brass ensemble comprised of current and alumni members of Pacific Crest.

Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment has hired longtime staff and program coordinator Dan Farrell as Director of Programs. Farrell has been involved with the Regiment in many capacities since he joined the organization in 1972 as a 12-year-old baritone horn player. "This position is a very natural progression for Dan," said executive director Rick Valenzuela. "He's been an integral part of my management team since I became executive director in 2006. Dan will continue the excellent work he's been doing with the corps as program and staff coordinator while taking on the duties of managing our current and future programs."

Santa Clara Vanguard

Santa Clara Vanguard's 2010 competitive program will be titled "Bartók," drawing its musical repertoire from some of the most notable works of the 20th century Hungarian composer.


Spirit posted a complete roster of instructional staff for the 2010 season. "This staff represents years of experience in performing and teaching at the top level of the drum corps activity," said Mark Waymire, director of education and programming. "Our instructors have finalist- and championship-level experience in all indoor and outdoor pageantry arenas. We believe our staff represents a diversity of successful drum corps experience as well as a variety of professional performance, teaching, and design knowledge and skills."