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• Academy members try their uniforms on for the very first time

• A first-look and listen of the 2017 Boston Crusaders

• Latest spring training updates and preview events

• Plus much more!

The Academy

The corps' new uniforms from Fruhauf came in this week, allowing corps members to try them on for the very first time.

The Battalion

The Battalion kicked off its spring training rehearsals this week in Ephraim, Utah.

Blue Devils

The Blue Devils' three corps will all be performing on Saturday, June 17, at the organization's annual family day event in PIttsburgh, California.

Blue Knights

The Colorado-based corps recently released a sneak peek at what the performers will be wearing on the field this season.

Blue Stars

The Blue Stars will host their March for Music 5K this Saturday, June 17 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, at Myrick Park.


The defending champions recently announced they'll be hosting rock band Thank You Scientist for a private concert on Tuesday, June 20.

Boston Crusaders

Get a first-look and listen of the 2017 Boston Crusaders in this live-stream video of the corps performing at the organization's annual Concert in the Park.

The Cadets

The Cadets announced a new partnership with Winter Guard Tarps. "The visual component of the marching music industry has accelerated at a pace that whatever can be dreamt, can now be produced by our partners at Winter Guard Tarps," Cadets director George Hopkins said.

The Cavaliers

The latest episode of the “Inside the Machine” video series takes a five-minute in-depth look into what Cavaliers members have been up to just a week out from their first competitive performance.


This week Genesis released a video recapping its first week of spring training rehearsals.

Golden Empire

Golden Empire recently held its fourth-annual family day event, which included a debut performance of the corps' 2017 production.


Incognito is continuing to sell tickets for the SoCal Sneak Preview, which will take place Saturday, June 17 in California, and feature performances by Incognito, Impulse and Pacific Crest.

Jersey Surf

Last weekend, Jersey Surf hosted two members of the differently-abled FREE Players Drum Corps as honorary members for the day.


Legends' 2017 season is underway after completing their spring training "move-ins" this past Sunday in Elkhart, Indiana.


Early in the week, the Mandarins made another move to their third spring training housing site, Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove, California.

Oregon Crusaders

Oregon Crusaders will hold its first sneak peek preview of its 2017 production on June 22.

Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest took to Twitter to show a video sneak peek of what they've been working on thus far in spring training.

Phantom Regiment

The corps invites its fans to attend its annual dress rehrearsal performance this Saturday, June 17 at Stillman Valley (Illinois) High School.

River City Rhythm

Got sewing skills? River City Rhythm is in need of someone to help adjust its color guard uniforms.

Santa Clara Vanguard

The latest episode of Santa Clara Vanguard's "From the Field" video series takes us into the corps' picturesque rehearsal site in Weed, California.


Shadow supporters, here's your chance to represent your favorite corps. Official 2017 Shadow fan T-shirts are now avaiable.

Spirit of Atlanta

Various sections of the corps will be taking over the Spirit of Atlanta Snapchat account to give fans a peek into the corps' spring training rehrearsals and all the fun that comes with it.


Watchmen will hold another sneak preview event in southern California on Saturday, June 17.

Watchmen Arts Association

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