Blue Devils "Show Day" with the Blue Devils will give students, educators and fans the opportunity to get close to the corps during its rehearsal on Friday, July 29 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The educational event is free with your ticket to the Masters of the Summer Music Games Tour of Champions series event later that evening.
Bluecoats Three individuals were inducted into the Bluecoats Hall of Fame during a special ceremony at the corps' Innovations in Brass event on July 7 in Akron, Ohio.
Boston Crusaders The Boston Crusaders are going head-to-head with the Madison Scouts in the two corps' second annual "Old School Challenge." What the organizations call a "10-day fundraising blitz," the group that has collected the most donations by midnight, Friday, July 29 wins. The executive director of the losing corps will be forced to wear a shirt and hat of the winners all-day at the DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta on July 30. The staff bus of the losing corps will also bear the logo of the winning group for the remainder of the season. Learn more about how you can donate on each of the corps' websites.
The Cadets The Cadets have a new iPhone app that compiles historical and current YouTube clips featuring the corps. Called MaroonTube, the app is available for free on iTunes.
Cascades No injuries were reported after the Cascades' equipment truck was rear-ended while passing through Waco, Texas on its way to San Antonio late Thursday night.
The Cavaliers The Cavaliers Alumni Association will host its 2011 Pre-Finals Party at Tavern on South in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, Aug. 13. Tickets, which include food and a drink ticket, cost $20 per person in advance or $25 at the door.
Crossmen The Crossmen are featured in a recent San Antonio Radio Ola interview, as the corps gets set to perform for its hometown crowd Saturday in San Antonio.
Forte You can help support Forte by voting for the corps as part of several grant programs that the organization is participating in. View a complete list on the corps' website.
Gold Not continuing on to the World Championships in August, Gold wrapped up its 2011 season last week in Bellflower, Calif. View the corps' performance in a new video posted on the Gold website.
Jersey Surf Jersey Surf announced an exciting new strategic partnership with the all-age Bridgemen Drum and Bugle Corps of Bayonne, N.J. "By joining forces, the Bridgemen and the Jersey Surf can work to expand our respective operations in innovative new ways," said George Lavelle, Director of the Bridgemen Alumni Corps. "The two organizations share many common values and have much to offer one-another."
Legends Legends is hosting three upcoming DCI Tour events in Niles, Paw Paw and Battle Creek, Mich.
Madison Scouts You can help the Madison Scouts beat the Boston Crusaders or visa versa in the two corps' "Old School Challenge Rematch." The 10-day lighthearted fundraising campaign plays off of the competitive rivalry of two of drum corps' oldest corps. "This is another step in developing the relationship between our two organizations," said Madison Scouts Executive Director Chris Komnick. "We share similar histories, and frankly, we share a similar outlook on what we think this activity should be for our members, our alumni, and drum corps fans. It's great to work with and compete against a corps that shares our values." Donations can be made through either corps' website until Friday, July 29.
Pioneer Get the full rundown of Pioneer's recent 50th anniversary celebration in a narrative and photo gallery posted on the corps' website.
Racine Scouts Racine Scouts will host Music on the March on Friday, Aug. 5 in Greendale, Wis.. The DCI Tour event will feature a lineup of six Open Class corps.
Spartans Don't miss the Spartans at their last local show of the summer on Saturday, July 23 at Lawrence Veterans Memorial Stadium in Massachusetts.