The Academy

The Academy is looking for volunteers to help out at the Open PGA Golf Tournament in Scottsdale, Ariz., Oct 22 to 25.

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Blue Devils

The Blue Devils have released a studio recording of their 2009 Championship winning production "1930" by Grammy award winning producer Frank Dorritie.

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Blue Stars

The Blue Stars made several recent staff appointments including Tom Aungst (percussion caption head and arranger), Neil Larrivee (front ensemble coordinator and arranger ), Frank Sullivan (brass arranger and caption head), and Josh Talbott (assistant brass caption head).

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As part of the Bluecoats' IN BLUE initiative which is a series of programs providing performing arts training and performance opportunities for students, the organization will host auditions for its Artistry IN BLUE winter color guard ensemble in Canton, Ohio on Sunday, Sept. 27.

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The Cascades will debut a color guard ensemble in the winter of 2010 that will compete as part of the NWAPA, NWPA and Winter Guard International circuits. Auditions will be held on Oct. 10 and 11, 2009.


Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts have made a variety of staff appointments in preparation for the 2010 drum corps season. New and returning names include Jonathan Vanderkolff (visual designer ), Bob Medworth (visual caption supervisor), James Prime (music designer and arranger), Jim Moore (choreographer and color guard visual designer), Donnie VanDoren (brass caption supervisor), Jeff Lee (music designer and front ensemble supervisor), Nick Williams (brass co-caption head), and Brad Green (brass co-caption head).


Santa Clara Vanguard

Because Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson will be unable to attend, the Santa Clara Vanguard says there are still plenty of spots left for you at their third annual Vanguard Golf Classic. Golf, prizes, entertainment, dinner, and more will all be part of this event taking place on Tuesday, Sept. 22 in Milpitas, Calif.

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