J. Birney Crum's stadium lights have been shut off, the snow cone and funnel cake stands have been closed up, the corps trucks and buses have pulled out of the makeshift Linden Street parking lot and are now all on their way up to Madison, Wis., for the 2006 DCI World Championships. As one of the most revered showcases of late-season drum corps competition, another successful DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa., has come and gone. "There's something special about this place," said DCI East Committee Chairman Bob Bennett. "I think the fans like to come back here, and it's been here so long I can't explain it exactly, but there is a certain feeling when you come into this stadium and walk around it."

Fans sit in the stands at J. Birney Crum Stadium with the famous Allentown funnel cake stand in the background.
DCI.org's Michael Boo took a few minutes with Bennett after Saturday night's ending exhibition by the Bridgemen Alumni Corps to wrap up the Friday and Saturday events of the 2006 DCI Eastern Classic.