The Cadets (86.600) batted their way through Louisville, Ky. on Wednesday, July 11, receiving a gold medal for their efforts, as they finished ahead of the Cavaliers (86.400) and Phantom Regiment (85.950). Also performing tonight in Louisville were the Boston Crusaders (79.050), Glassmen (77.300), Southwind (71.100), Troopers (70.650) and Memphis Sound (71.650, Div. III). Drum corps fans across the country were eyeing this match up closely, as this meeting between the Cadets and the Cavaliers was the first time the two corps met head-to-head since the first week of the 2007 season in Pittsburgh, Pa. With the two corps trading first place finishes with several other groups in the last few weeks on the Summer Music Games Tour, many will be anxious to see what the rest of the season has to hold with tight finishes between corps. While in the eyes of drum corps fans across the country the competitive results of any night's event is one of the ultimate determiners in how well any corps is doing at any point in time, the drum corps performers on the field seem to be striving to look beyond the rivalries. "It's not necessarily an accomplishment to be ahead of [the Cavaliers] tonight, because our success is based upon what we do every single day. It's what we do in rehearsal every single day — going out in the field whether it's 98 degrees or pouring down rain and working hard," said the Cadets' drum major Marcus Harrison. "It's key that we come on the field and put forth our best performance every single evening." The Cavaliers' drum major Tim Cleary also had intrinsic thoughts about his corps' performance tonight. "I think we had a really good show tonight, there were some tempo tears in places that we tried to work on today in rehearsal. But overall I think we had a great performance and we're looking forward to heading into Murfreesboro for the Masters of the Summer Music Games on Friday," Cleary said.