Ray Vasquez submitted this photo and caption.

This is a photo taken while on tour this past summer with Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps. Each person in this photo was on the Spirit instructional staff in 2008 and is a former member of the Phantom Regiment. From the left: Dr. Ramon Vasquez (brass caption head), alum 1991-1993, Cathy Rakowski (visual staff). alum 2004-2007, Jeremy Figlewicz (brass staff), alum 2005-2007, Steve Slabaugh (brass staff), alum 1989, 1992.

All four of us were very proud of the Phantom "Phamily" in Rockford for this past season's World Championship performance. It was an inspiration to the many alumni who have marched in the Phantom Regiment through some very memorable shows over the years to finally see the Phantom Regiment win its first outright DCI title.