From a Court of Honor press release:

Court of Honor's new uniforms
Court of Honor is entering into a partnership with Fruhauf Inc., which will put the corps on the field in brand new uniforms beginning this summer. Executive director Marc Kaufman said, "This represents a huge milestone in Court of Honor's development. Uniforms give a corps its visual identity. Having a set of uniforms designed and constructed uniquely for us will help us express who we are and what we want to be to our audiences. We are honored to work with a company that has been helping organizations like ours for over four generations. The Fruhauf family understands important drum corps tenets like tradition, creativity, and legacy, because that's how they approach their business." Court of Honor program and instructional coordinator Alan Armstrong said, "We are thrilled to be partnering with Fruhauf. They have been a major player in the uniform business for almost a century. With our move from a weeklong tour with five shows in '03 to a month on the road and 18 shows in '04, we are taking a bold step forward with our drum corps. We are quite proud that Fruhauf has chosen to take just as bold a step and partner with us, making the coming year as successful as possible for both of us." Court of Honor visual consultant Jason Bradshaw, Armstrong, Kaufman, drill designer Matt Putnam and the Fruhauf design team put together a design in late February and all parties approved a fantastic-looking sample March 20. Ken Fruhauf, president of Fruhauf Uniforms, commented, "Fruhauf Uniforms, Inc., is proud to have had a part in designing and manufacturing what we believe is one of the best-looking, most durable uniforms in the world. We wish Marc, Alan, and everyone associated with Court of Honor a very successful season. As our slogan says -- March On!" This latest announcement puts an exclamation point on a very productive
off-season for the corps. A partnership with King that brought Court of Honor a complete set of new horns, a partnership with Music and Arts that brought Court of Honor a brand new Pearl front ensemble, a new set of carriers for their one-year-old Dynasty battery, and the addition of experienced, drum corps legends to our staff are proof that the off season is anything but time off for the corps' administration and senior staff. New partnerships, exciting additions to the staff -- all these make for an exciting summer ahead as Court of Honor returns to the field in their second DCI season.