Glen Crosby
Glen Crosby has worked as a consultant with the Academy since 2000 but this year has stepped into the role as percussion caption head. Having worked in some capacity with many corps over the years including the Santa Clara Vanguard, the Cadets, Blue Knights and Glassmen, Crosby brings a new but well established educational philosophy to the Academy. "Regardless of the age of the students, the standard is the standard that we've always had," said Crosby. "Nothing really changes from anyplace that we teach at. It's the same approach. You reach a standard, you attain it, and a lot of it is teaching them the mechanics of the technique we use." In this interview with's Christina Mavroudis, Crosby gives a basic overview of the Academy's percussion program in addition to discussing the percussion elements in the corps' 2007 production, "The Chase." Listen to the audio interview. (MP3, 2.5MB)