From a Crossmen press release: In 2005, the Crossmen will present "Crossroads," a musical road trip built around the Mason Williams hit, "Classical Gas." The passions of the open road are explored using the driving blues melody found in "Radar Love," originally written by George Kooymans and Barry Hay. The percussion section, led by arrangers Darren Hazlett and Jack Mansager will be featured in this aggressive, down-and-dirty production. Without stopping to rest, the Crossmen will cruise through the smooth and introspective music of Carole King's "So Far Away," adapted by brass arranger Drew Shanefield. Through the challenges at each crossroad, the Crossmen move onward to the exciting conclusion of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", as drill designer Eric Kitchenman coordinates the intersection of visual and musical ideas with a sultry color guard feature. The journey begins now, and this road trip won't end until August 13 in Gillette stadium. Jump in your car and meet us there!