Drum corps fans making their way to Allentown, Pennsylvania, for this weekend's annual DCI Eastern Classic will have a special treat on Saturday, August 5.

Four SoundSport teams — including the local flavor of the Crossmen Alumni and Friends — will add their own musical flair to the scenic Cedar Creek Park across the way from J. Birney Crum Stadium.

“We're excited,” said Rick Reedy, co-coordinator of the Crossmen Alumni Association. “Everyone's feeling like they're 18 again. For members who have competed at DCI East, it brings back those times when they got to warm up in the park before going into the stadium.”

The Crossmen, originally based just around the corner in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, moved to San Antonio ahead of the 2007 season. During the corps' time in the area, it earned 19 of its 20 top10 finishes as a DCI competitor.

The alumni corps' Saturday performance will not only rekindle the Crossmen's east coast roots, but will also headline a new SoundSport event that will kick off at 4:30 p.m. in the same park that annually serves as the spot for corps warm-ups.

“The corps left the tri-state area and went down to Texas 10 years ago, so for us to be able to put this ensemble together in Allentown just brings it all full circle,” Reedy said.

Joining the Crossmen Alumni and Friends at this event — which will be free and open to the public — will be Mon Valley Express, Columbus Saints and Sonus Brass Theater. Each of these three established SoundSport teams will be competing for ratings of gold, silver and bronze, with the Crossmen performing in exhibition at 5:15 p.m. following an awards ceremony.

“We're excited to bring the SoundSport activity to such a historic DCI site for the first time this weekend,” said Eric Hjellming, SoundSport events and promotions manager. “These three SoundSport teams, including the Crossmen Alumni and Friends, showcase old and new organizations in this activity and provide a strong representation for our first SoundSport competition on the east coast.”

Saturday's SoundSport schedule includes:

4:30 p.m. Mon Valley Express – Pittsburgh, PA
4:40 p.m. Columbus Saints – Columbus, OH
4:50 p.m. Sonus Brass Theater – Woodbridge, VA
5:00 p.m. SoundSport Awards
5:15 p.m. Crossmen Alumni and Friends (Exhibition) – Allentown, PA

Just over an hour after the SoundSport festivities wrap up in the park, at 6:30 p.m., a strong lineup of 13 World Class corps will take to the historic J. Birney Crum Stadium for the second day of the DCI Eastern Classic.

Tickets to both days of the star-studded Allentown event are still available.