We can only hope "The Signature Series" is just that, a long series of productions that capture everything we love about Crossmen. Unless one was told, one would never know that the corps is operating on very little sleep, having just played in the big DCI Masters of the Summer Music Games show last night in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. All the other corps from the same show last night won't go on until tonight. The rhythmic drive of the new Pat Metheny piece and the groove of the Don Ellis closer make this a show that is impossible to listen to without tapping one's feet, even if it is hard at times to figure out exactly where the beat is, as the music explores many time signatures almost concurrently.Joseph Kempf is a 21-year-old, two year member of the corps. He says the goal right now is to improve upon the performance, but first the corps is going to relax before tonight's show and refresh their minds.