From the Crossmen Web site: After rain on Saturday chased the Crossmen inside for the day, Sunday bloomed sunny and 70, allowing the corps to head outside for the teaching of the first 20 pages of drill. Darryl Pemberton, fresh from 10 days of seclusion at an apartment in northern New Jersey, came to camp with his team, prepared to move with the opening package to "Rainbow" and the first 90 seconds of "St. James." 90 percent of the corps was on hand, including the "return of the guard" and without question, the staff felt good about the progress. Said Larry Markiewicz, program coordinator, "It was a great weekend. "Bubba" is really turning out to be the showstopper, and the other selections are moving along nicely. The percussion breaks, inserted to each piece as a stabilizing device, are doing a nice job of setting up the mood and impacts. I cannot wait for the May weekend!" The Crossmen rehearsed in southern New Jersey, at Pennsville Junior High. Work was done on the equipment truck, as the new tubas from Yamaha have to find their way into the storage area for the summer. The new horns are much larger -- and they sound wonderful. Thanks to those fans and alumni who contributed to the purchase! If you live in the area -- and you want to see an early version of the Crossmen, the Cadets and a whole lot more, do come to Memorial Brass - a special Sunday evening indoor concert at the War Memorial Auditorium in Trenton, N.J.. Want more info? - go HERE. INSIDER INFO – "St. James" has had its share of re-writes. The idea is for the tune to be moderate in challenge, allowing the corps to generate both visually and musically. The version that is hitting the field features a power-based ending, a nice trumpet feature and some solid drumming. Too much of a good thing? Want to hear COUNT BUBBA? Go HERE to hear the in the gym mix from April.