Crossmen's second bass drummer and on-field 'Bones' character, Dale Olney, talks with's Christina Mavroudis about playing the part of the legendary character in the corps' 2007 program.

Dale Olney
CM: How did you get to be 'Bones' in this year's show? DO: When they handed out the drill, I saw that my spot had some extra movement at the beginning of the show. I later found out that the staff had originally planned on giving me that part, but I didn't really find out about what I would be doing until we started pre-season rehearsals. CM: What was your reaction when they finally told you what you would be doing? DO: I was pretty taken back because from my experience with the corps, 'Bones' has been sort of a mystical figure and is an intangible being. Nobody really knows who it is or where he comes from. To be able to play that position at the beginning of the show is very cool and each performance has been pretty exciting. CM: Tell me about your character's costume. DO: I originally started out with a normal cape like everyone else, and then the staff gave me a huge red cape with satin on the inside and some sashes. That's what I wear right now, but there may be more to come. CM: What does 'Bones' mean to you? DO: To me, 'Bones' is the link that ties every Crossmen member together. It's the feeling of family, the feeling of tradition and the feeling that even if we're in the middle of Kansas and the dust is blowing in our faces, we still have something that's the same throughout all of us. When he shows up, we all feel it and we all grow together. CM: Why did you stick with Crossmen through their move to San Antonio? DO: I'm from Philadelphia and I've been involved with a few other drum corps, but I've never been anywhere where I can always go and have it feel like home. Even if we're not doing as well as we'd like to, I'd rather be nowhere else because this is my home and this is where my family is. CM: How is it to be playing some of the traditional music that the corps has played in previous years? DO: It's very cool to play things that the corps has played in the past. We bring that music all together with the new and give a sneak peek to where we might be going in the future. I love it. CM: What are your plans after the season? DO: I'd like to stay involved in the activity and maybe come back for a teaching position, but for now I'm just looking forward to the rest of the season and then going home and taking a good, long nap.