More than 4,000 drum corps fans passed through the gates of Ball State University’s Scheumann Stadium on Friday night for the 2016 edition of DCI Central Indiana presented by Woodwind and Brasswind.

The event was once again held in conjunction with the Music For All Summer Symposium, an annual educational camp that brings hundreds of high school musicians to the campus of Ball of State University to learn and perform.

Those students had the opportunity to fill the stands to cheer on their favorite drum corps, and their enthusiastic reactions to the performances is one of things that Carolina Crown drum major Ross Werner credited his corps’ win to on Friday night.  

“This audience was crazy. The response that we got from them I think was probably louder than the horn line playing,” Werner said after his corps took first place with a score of 76.850.

Carolina Crown spent four days rehearsing at Ball State University as “drum corps in residence” of the Summer Symposium. Crown closed out the night with an encore performance with marching band students who together played a section of the corps’ production, “Relentless.”

“Seeing this whole stadium filled up and getting the response that we did was inspiring to all the musicians,” Werner said.

The Cavaliers
The Cavaliers

While putting up one of the highest scores to date on the DCI Tour on Wednesday in Evansville, Ohio, the Cavaliers were unable to gain much ground on Carolina Crown since the last time the two corps met during the season-opener in Indianapolis on June 23. The Cavaliers took second place on Friday night with a score of 73.650, more than three points behind Carolina Crown.

Third place went to the Blue Stars with a score of 70.300. Nate Hicks, a first-year tuba player said it was one of the corps’ best performances of the season thanks to the raucous audience full of band campers.  

“That was insane,” Hicks said after coming off the field. “Every little nuance [of our performance] got such a high-energy reaction from the crowd.”

Troopers received an overall score of 67.650 for their performance of “Hero.” The corps’ fourth-place finish in Muncie was more than a point better than its last score recorded earlier in the week.


While the Colts finished within three tenths of a point of the Troopers last Saturday in Whitewater, Wisconsin, they finished in fifth place in Muncie with a score of 64.300. Still, Colts members felt positive as they continue to work through the beginning stages of their 2016 summer tour.

“I thought it was a really great run tonight, really high energy,” Colts drum major Noah Perkins said. “The corps had kind of a tough week, but they really pulled it together tonight.”

Pioneer rounded out the World Class competition on Friday night with its performance of “Saint Joan of Arc.” The corps finished in sixth place with a score of 50.600.

2016 marked the first time since the inaugural DCI Central Indiana event in 2011 that two Open Class corps were part of the lineup.


Genesis kicked off the night with its 2016 program “Hell Hath No Fury” landing the Texas corps in first place with a score of 58.300. The corps added 3.1 points to its overall score from its last outing on Wednesday in Evansville, Ohio.
Legends took second with a score of 55.300. Only on the road since Tuesday, drum major Noah Koch said that he has already seen great improvement from his corps early this season.
“The corps is really in performance mode now,” Koch said. “We ironed out those first few performance glitches and now we’re ready to go.”

Contributing: Andrea Neff