With the kickoff to the 2017 DCI Summer Tour right around the corner, members of the Boston Crusaders recently debuted their new uniforms which are like nothing before seen from the Massachusetts-based corps.

Corps design staff members worked with uniform manufacturer Band Shoppe in the offseason to design the look specifically for the corps' production titled “Wicked Games” that would not only underscore the show's witch hunt theme, but also be versatile enough to be used for the next few years.

“The very first thing we did was sit down and talk about versatility, what could be our signature look not only for this year but for the next couple of years.” said Keith Potter, Boston's artistic director.

Several of the uniform's various nuances allude to this year's show concept, making for a dark, yet natural look, particularly in the uniform's pants.

According to Potter, while the uniform's simultaneous versatility and uniqueness to the 2017 show were key, it was also important to recognize the need for mobility in designing this season's look.

“I think this will clearly speak a theme to the audience,” Potter added. “But at the same time, it's still fresh, I think it's still modern, and it's modern in the elements that we might associate with this concept, but it's also modern in that it will allow the performers to move in a way that we see drum corps going today.”