Doug Clark sent in this one. "This picture was taken at the 2003 age-out ceremony. I am on the right side and on the left is Dave Nelson. Dave started marching Americanos in 2000 and I started in 2001. Both of us spent our entire drum corps career with the Americanos. After standing next to each other for three years playing soprano, people started to mess up our names. We ended up referring to each other Dave not Doug and Doug not Dave.

"My short, three years marching drum corps were some of the best summers of my life. Every day brought me a new learning experience. The three summers were full of magical musical moments, emotional highs and lows, friends from all over the country (and Canada) and memories that will truly last me a lifetime. The Americanos were more than just a drum corps to me, they were my family and will always be in my heart." Thanks Doug!
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