The Drum Corps International Board of Directors acknowledges that YEA! has acted in response to recent events within its organization, and DCI will continue to provide support to the new board in its efforts for improvement.

To ensure continuing appropriate action, the DCI Board has placed the participating drum corps of YEA! on probation, effective immediately. The terms of the probation include multiple steps for YEA! to take in order for its drum corps to participate in the upcoming 2018 DCI Summer Tour. The organization must first demonstrate its commitment to the health and safety of its student members, staff, and volunteers as well as its adherence to the Core Values of Drum Corps International.

Requirements of the probation include submitting a written plan detailing actions to prevent and report misconduct and enforce policies for the health and safety of its membership. The plan must detail how the organization will increase awareness of all forms of abuse, prevent all abuse, implement mandatory reporting requirements, protect victims, establish fair and equitable disciplinary practices, and enforce its policies.

DCI is also requiring that YEA! create a Compliance Officer position that is independent of the organization to monitor all reported incidents and to audit all compliance activities. The Compliance Officer will submit reports directly to DCI regarding its progress no less than every two weeks beginning no later than April 30, 2018.

The YEA! organization must also submit a comprehensive financial plan and budget that clearly demonstrates its ability to participate successfully in the 2018 DCI Summer Tour while providing a safe and quality experience to its member students. DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson will serve as the compliance monitor during this probationary period and provide guidance, as necessary.

With the newly appointed YEA! Board of Directors, we fully expect complete compliance with the terms outlined in the probation requirements. If YEA! meets all conditions of probation, its probationary status will be reviewed by the DCI Board of Directors in September 2018.

In addition, Drum Corps International will continue to identify ways to improve existing policies and strengthen operational guidelines throughout the entire drum corps association. Updates will appear on DCI’s website and social media channels.