Rene Conway of the Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim, the six-time Indonesian National Champions, sent in this DCI APD endorsement: "The DCI APDs offered this year were a fantastic resource for those of us who are not able to attend drum corps shows in person. I've lived and taught marching band in Indonesia since 1991 and haven't had the opportunity attend a Drum Corps show since moving there. "Every year I've had to wait patiently for DCI to offer the CDs and videos from the current year's competitions until I could play them for my students. With this year's APDs, I was able to download the performances the day after the competition and play them for my students almost immediately. This has served to motivate me and my students, while giving a more personalized aspect to the event, which is taking place a world away. "One more way DCI is helping to bring us all closer together!" The last day to order DCI Audio Performance Downloads (APDs) will be Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 5 p.m. Central time. Order APDs from select DCI events this past summer