The board of directors of Drum Corps International met in Dayton, Ohio this weekend for a rare springtime business meeting that featured discussion and presentations on a comprehensive new governance structure for DCI and a proposal for a long-term strategic partnership with the city of Indianapolis. This meeting was a continuation of the in-depth analysis and consideration of these two important business matters which began during the regularly scheduled annual meeting of the board held in Pasadena, Calif. last January. "Our current governance structure was created when Drum Corps International was founded in 1971," said Dan Acheson, executive director of DCI. "Although our mission and focus have remained the same, our business has evolved and matured considerably since the institution of the original charter and bylaws created by our 'founding fathers.' It is a very healthy and important thing for us to continually review and refine the manner in which we operate the business of Drum Corps International so that we can best serve our member corps." The majority of the directors in attendance supported further refinement and additional consideration of the new governance structure. Jeff Fiedler, chairman of the board and director of the Cavaliers, empanelled several additional committees to further enhance the proposal, which will be presented for ratification at the next scheduled meeting of the board in September.

Following a presentation from Matthew Carter and Dawna Money from the Indianapolis Convention and Vistors Association, the board of directors enthusiastically directed Acheson to continue to pursue a long-term strategic relationship with the city of Indianapolis. "Indianapolis has been a great friend to Drum Corps International for many years, and we hope to be able to continue to work with them to create a great partnership for many years to come," Acheson said.