Yesterday on the first day of its regularly scheduled meeting, the Drum Corps International Board of Directors took pivotal action to strengthen safety policies for all drum corps programs.

Since spring training rehearsals begin in mid-May for many participating corps, board members moved quickly to ensure that clear expectations are in place to protect performers, staff, and volunteers.

With a full focus on each participant’s ongoing health, safety, and well-being, board members conducted an extensive review of existing practices along with applicable sections of the DCI Strategic Plan. To meet the goal of safeguarding all participants throughout all activities, the board:

  • Discussed comprehensive conduct and ethics expectations for all participating organizations within DCI as well as for individual participants.
  • Introduced an enhanced conduct-related policy to ensure mutually shared standards of conduct, professionalism, civility, and respect.
  • Adopted a Compliance Enforcement Policy to formalize reporting requirements for all participating organizations.

The meeting is continuing today, with the board further considering specific elements of the new policies as well as other specific guidelines to foster positive and safe learning, performing, and working environments throughout all facets of the Drum Corps International community. The board is also discussing timing for the rollout and training related to these policies.