How much are drum corps fans anticipating the DCI Cinema event coming to a theater near you on Aug. 5? Katrina Panovich, a Colts baritone player from Warrenville, Ill., summed it up when she said the recent telecast (held in Lincolnshire, Ill.) reignited her spirits for the coming summer. "I thought it was awesome. It was a great experience, and it kind of reinvigorated me for the summer. I'm really excited that there's going to be a larger audience," Panovich said. 
Steve Rondinaro, who has hosted the championship telecast since 1979, says, "I'm excited about broadcasting part of championship week live again. When I first started doing the show in '79 we did the entire finals live on PBS. Here we are going live again with the quarterfinals, capturing the excitement in the stadium for the big screen. It will be great fun to do. I hope we can give viewers a real "in-stadium" feel. "This live broadcast for Regal Cinemas will allow people to get up close and 'in the face' with the full corps performances. Imagine taking a young band student to the theatre on that Thursday night. It will also allow the die-hard fans a chance to get a full dose of DCI drum corps if they can't get to Denver. It will be fun for me to help guide both those groups through the live broadcast." This promotional video, produced by seasoned DCI producer Tom Blair, perfectly captures the mood of the DCI Cinema event.