Ever wish you could help spread the word about drum corps? Ever wish you could turn someone on to the wonderful drum corps activity? Here's your chance! If you have a blog or a Web site, to download a free DCI Cinema Live banner ad. Right-click on the one you want to use, and then upload them to your blog or Web site! You can then use those banners to help us get the word out about the live event on Aug. 11!

Fans in Illinois enjoy the DCI Classic Countdown back in April.
The DCI Cinema Live event is a broadcast of Division I quarterfinals as they unfold in Foxboro, Mass., at Gillette Stadium. "As thrilled as I am to be a part of the debut of DCI on ESPN, I'm equally excited to work with Steve Rondinaro and Tom Blair again on the theater cinecast of quarterfinals on Aug. 11! THIS one is for the die-hard fans who support drum corps with such passion and loyalty," said famed DCI personality Dennis DeLucia, who will lend his broadcast abilities to DCI for the cinecast. Drum corps broadcast veteran Steve Rondinaro is also anticipating the event. "I'm delighted at how the live cinecast thing is growing. Remember, when I started hosting the Championships back in '79 it was five hours-plus live on PBS. Broadcasting drum corps live again is great fun. Last year was great. It must be something experiencing it in the theater (at least I hope it is), but I wouldn't give up my seat or my job for anything. Besides, August 11 is my birthday and where better to spend it with a few thousand of my closest friends?" Rondinaro said. Drum corps fans have raved about the DCI Cinema Live event since we started the cinecast last year. "This is a drum corps dream come true!" said Cami Janzen-Guare, of Grayslake, Ill., after watching a recent DCI Cinema broadcast event. Katrina Panovich, a Colts baritone player from Warrenville, Ill., said that a recent cinema telecast reignited her spirits for the coming summer. "I thought it was awesome. It was a great experience, and it kind of reinvigorated me for the summer. I'm really excited that there's going to be a larger audience," Panovich said. DCI fan Ed Bierzychudek of Chicago echoed Panovich's sentiment. "It was almost like being there, I felt. It was really well done. Outstanding," Bierzychudek said. Nate Cook of Michigan City, Ind., also said the cinema experience was like being present in a stadium on quarterfinals night. "It was an experience to remember. It was just like being there. I plan on coming to the closest movie theater (to watch the telecast this summer)," Cook said. A list of participating Regal, United Artists, Edwards Cinemas or Georgia Theatre Company theaters that are showing DCI Cinema Live Quarterfinals event on Aug. 11. Buy tickets for the DCI Cinema Live quarterfinals event.