Your feedback back has been popular, so here's another round. There's plenty more where this came from, too. Dave R. Bentonville, Ark.: I'm most excited about just the drum corps experience. I plan on going to three local shows, and I can't wait to hear the sounds, see the sights and even smell the smells of drum corps. Ahh!! Summer is here! I love it! Brad H. Cincinnati, Ohio I was unable to march again this summer, so I am most excited to watch all of my friends compete in the greatest performance of their lives! Lloyd T. Clinton, Conn.: I've got goose bumps that have been hibernating for 10 months just waiting to jump, bump and pop at the first resonance of drums and screech of horns. My vocal cords have been in training to cheer on this year's mega-mass of musical, marching youth! Bring on BONES, the next "ZONE" or let me hear "Feather up!" and may none of us ever "walk alone" from parking lot warm-up area to our 50 yard line seats we've been dreaming of while watching DVDs and listening to CDs since Foxboro of 2005! Bring it on! I can't deal with the withdrawals anymore! Michael E. DeKalb, Ill.: I'm excited about the selection of cities that DCI has shows available and the return to Madison for the Championships. Patrick C.: I'm excited about hearing a show live. I own DVDs and CDs, but there is nothing like going to a live event and hearing those corps playing right in front of you. The drum corps season is always a fun time for me. I check scores every morning when I get up and read reviews every night. Mostly however, I'm just excited for another amazing year of Drum and Bugle corps. Judy A. Sacramento, Calif.: I think what I'm most excited about is smelling the summer air and sitting in those bleachers while I watch shows. And once that first note hits me in the face, I know it is the return of drum corps season. It's the nostalgia of all the summers I've been watching shows since I was in high school and hopes of continuing to spend my summers like this in the future. Michael Herb Newcastle, Wash.: This year I am excited for many things. Last year I missed seeing my local show, so I am really looking forward to seeing live drum corps again. I'm excited for the whole buzz of the season, reading updates on how each corps is doing, checking the scores every night and enjoying a movie theater full of drum corps fans for quarterfinals in August. But mostly, I'm excited to watch drum corps with a feeling of pride as this year I could finally become a financially contributing member of my local corps. GO SCADES!