DCI.org asked fans tell us what they're excited for in 2006. The response was huge, and here's just a little bit of what they had to say. Ed E. Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.: Every year we make a road trip to finals from New York. This year we start in Allentown and stop off to see many friends along the way. We even stop in upstate New York where one of our crew will be preforming with the Syracuse Briagadiers all-age corps. We just got a new Jeep and are debating what to put on the license plate. We will be retiring our old car, a common site at drum corps shows with the great plate "2COOL VK." This will also be the first year that Mary and I take the trip as husband and wife.
Emily O. Naperville, Ill.: I have been a part of drum corps and color guard since 1994. Now, in my third year on staff at Capital Sound of Madison, Wis., I get to see my passion passed on through my family. My youngest brother will be marching contra in the corps that I teach and, even though I miss performing, I can't wait to see him living out his secret (well, not anymore) dream. Orlando S. Lansing, Mich.: I'm most excited for the 2006 Summer Music Games, because as a past performer many years ago I know what it's like to have the adrenaline pumping and being excited to perform in front of thousands of fans and how much work goes into that effort to be the best you can. I also look forward to seeing students I've taught enjoying that live type of competitive entertainment in an arena different from any other outdoor sport. One of the most enjoyiable things I look forward to is reuniting with friends like a family get-together to have fun and catch up on life's journey since our last reunion. Drum Corps is exciting and invigoratiing for a rare breed of poeple, both professional and non-professional. Stefanie K. Oak Park, Ill.: I can't wait to see some finished shows on the field and finally seeing if the smack-talk was any good from some of the corps fans. How will they all play out? Who's really going to be duking it out for the top? Who's going to surge or re-surge? Who's going to make me laugh, cry, cheer or want to fall asleep? I can't wait for the sunburn. I can't wait for the smell of freshly mowed grass. I can't wait for the bugs dancing in the lights. I can't wait for the smell of hamburgers on the grill 10 minutes before the intermission. I can't wait for the hugs in the parking lot after the show. I can't wait for the long drives home talking about what we liked or didn't that night. Does that cover it? Robert and Susan S. Sinking Spring, Pa.We are excited about three things for the 2006 season:
1. Our son is "living his dream" by marching in DCI for the first time. He set the goal of performing with The Cadets, worked very hard at home and at the weekend camps, and was honored to be selected!
2. We volunteered by working on the food truck during the early part of spring training. Not knowing what we were getting into or if we'd like it, we had a very positive experience with some other great, experienced parents and volunteers. We also had an opportunity to meet the corps members at meals. They were each of the highest quality of character and respect! We'd take them all home in a heartbeat! Looking forward to seeing our new "extended" family throughout the summer!
3. Lastly, we are so proud of our son for all of his dedication and perseverance. He has stated that the first three weeks have been the hardest of his life, but that he has learned more than in any other experience. We were fortunate to see him already perform with The Cadets in three parades, a standstill field performance and an indoor concert setting (Memorial Brass). Each time brought us to tears of joy, which we know will happen again at each field performance throughout the summer. Looking forward to every minute! E. D. Jefferson, Pa.: Road trips ... chrome ... sophisticated sound, rhythm, and movement ... bags of fast food ... BUS FUMES! Terri L. St. Charles, Mo.I'm most excited for Columbia, Mo., because that's the closest DCI gets to home (no hotel bills!). I get my "first fix" at Columbia, then see the enhancements made in Indianapolis, and then watch the culmination of the summer in Madison! I am NOT, however, anxious for the Championships this year: My son ages out, and it will be harder to justify those hotel bills next year! Jen P.: I'm looking forward to seeing all of the friends that I made last year from other drum corps again. I love socializing with other drum majors and guard captains before retreat. George T. Fort Washington, Md.: I'm excited about just getting on with the season. I have not missed a World Championships since 1972. Laura S. Philadelphia, Pa.: I am most looking forward to that feeling of complete understanding and intense energy that comes from sitting in a packed stadium with several thousand other people who share a love of corps. Nothing can ever compare to it; it is truly magic! Glenn Pape Seguin, Texas: Pardon my being blunt: I want to have fun! Patricia C. Albuquerque, N.M.: Trying to arrange for my elderly father to attend some of the events that are closer to his home in Crystal Lake, Ill. He was involved in the Corps since the 40's and instilled his love of the music in his two daughters, Allison and myself who have been attending competitions since we could walk! I remember many a times falling asleep (yes asleep!) at the competitions that went fairly late and would awake to the two-minute mark! David C. Nashua, N.H.: This is my son's first season as a visual tech for Spirit of JSU. He aged out there last year after having joined the corps in July! They saw in him the talent to be a leader and a teacher and invited him to come back as a teacher. Spirit's program and staff encourage the kids to grow and develop their skills and talents as performers and responsible young adults. That is what drum corps is about and why I am excitied about this season. Bob O. Lowell, Mass.: What am I most excited about? Every year since about 1955 when I was first introduced to this activity, the same things excite me: Who will the 'dark horse' be? Who will come out of nowhere to accomplish things no one ever imagined? Who is going to entertain me beyond my wildest dreams? Will Madison pin my ears back (of course!)? I have followed this activity since I can remember and will continue to attend and cheer and be amazed at the precision and the music and the dedication of the members at all levels 'til I'm no longer able. Yes, I attend 'all age drum corps' as well! Love it all ...
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